We Know Hits Heroic Modes

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Heroic Elegon

Heroic Spirit Binder

Heroic Feng

Heroic Stone Guard


  • Very nice wide angle photo.
    Thanks Jexii!!

  • edited February 2013
    If you want to see the photo that I start with, here is an example:

  • I think Jexii would post about our progression on Heroic mode with
    nice photos and such later on but let me just tell you that we've also
    downed [Heroic Feng the Accursed] [Heroic Gara'jal the Spiritbinder]
    and [Heroic Elegon].

  • Lol... i just saw this sofi. I actually worked on these tonight. See above!

  • Oooh, sry I didn't check before I posted.
    Thanks Jexii, great photos with achievement plates!!

  • Good job!
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