A moment of silence for Sheleg, You will be greatly missed

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You will be missed


  • I'm glad so many were able to show up. I'm really sorry I wasn't able to be one of them.
  • Thank you to all those that were able to observe in and outside of the game.
  • A fitting tribute for Sheleg - I am proud to have been a part of the moment.
  • I wasn't able to be there online, but I definitely observed in my own way offline. Glad to see how many were able to be there to pay respects
  • I was not able to attend online, I was able to take a moment to reflect on the interactions I did have with him while playing online. The screenshot shows how this guild is more than just an online game, we truly are a family. Cillan was quietly sitting on a bench in the park when I logged out yesterday reflecting on his memories. Godspeed Sheleg, we will miss you.
  • I'm sorry that I couldn't make it, but I observed IRL around that time.
  • very very beautiful.
  • Two things struck me during our observation/honoring of Sheleg -

    First, the tower bell chiming was at such a perfect moment that it gave me chills -

    Second, when the /yell's of "FOR SHELEG!" went out, no one jeered, scoffed, made themselves look silly within the City of Stormwind - nor did anyone pass by and make rude remarks... it was truly a picture perfect moment - and one fitting of our Sheleg.
  • I was also surprised and pleased that no outsiders commented when we all yelled "For Sheleg!"

    My heart clenched and my eyes filled with tears as I watched all of us fall to one knee simultaneously, without prompting, at the start of the silence. *dabs eyes*
  • *reaches over, swipes a tissue from Harpin, and nods*

  • Found this the other day...

  • Thanks for sharing this Niak
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