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Saturday Trans-Mog Gear Raids!
  • Hi all,

    MK and I ended up running something of an impromptu 'just because/transmog gear' run in Black Temple today - it was fun, painless (even with Clef in group) and I thought it might be fun to try again next week- if you're interested, please sign up for the "Kara" icon raid on September 10th!

    (And on that note, could someone set me up with permissions to accept sign-ups and approve?)
    Post edited by Katanyaa at 2011-09-03 20:37:10
  • Send a message to Kastang, he usually takes care of it pretty quickly.
  • Note sent - thanks Hronk.
  • Looking at your profile it looks like you should have the privileges to approve folks now.
  • I can sign people up but can't mark them as approved - weird...
  • Raised the raider limit to 40. Should work now. (I usually miss that one when I create one from scratch.)
  • Yeah PHP raider is a bit of a bear. Also keep in mind you actually can get MORE gear by splitting into groups of 4-5 and squishing some 70 or even 80 content. So you probably want to set your 'roles' thing to a zillion and see what you can make of it at start time.
  • Was thinking the same thing on group size Hronk, but for a lot of us it may help to see the content first before try to start doing it with minimal people.
  • In terms of t6 content, Hyjal is basically tank and spank up until Archimonde and you can solo the trash at lvl 85. Archimonde just requires people not to be stupid and not Airburst the tank and push the button when they are supposed to so they don't die from the fall.

    Black Temple is a little more involved. Unless you are trying to 3 man it, you shouldn't get Ghosts on Gorefied, but most of the bosses should now be tank and spank up until Council.
    Post edited by Zoriana at 2011-09-05 14:10:58
  • just get 5 people and knock out every piece of 70 content there was...none of it is really challenging although sunwell mechanics may be a tad rough at places
  • also every bit of level 60 content AQ40 included only needs 2 people except MC which can be solo'd.
  • ***Update***

    I have a couple of appointments that I cannot wiggle out of,so I don't think I will be able to attend this Saturday's Trans-Mog raid - I HOPE that you folks will still sign up and make it a fun run all the same :)

    (Or maybe we can mishmash when I get home in the afternoon and run a raid or two, who knows!)
  • wish i can come - i would love to go old instances and i need some for achievement myself but around that time i have volunteer and work. :-/
  • I may be stuck working tomorrow, but if not I plan to be there.
  • Assuming that jetlag doesn't take me out I should be there.
  • I plan to be there!
    Sandrika, Crazan, Squeatus To often we post in anger, when waiting and thinking and letting that boiling pot settle would be sooo much better.
  • Sadly I have to work this weekend so I won't be able to be there. :(
    Post edited by Leonid at 2011-09-17 10:09:40
  • And once again a great time was had by all! Thanks to Renrut, Shivan & Soulshizm who continued on with me to Mt Hyjal and helped me get the final Scale of the Sands rep I needed to get to 40 exalted reputations! :)
  • We had a splendid time today - thanks to all who came out, and please be sure to sign up for next week's run!

    The weekend after October 4th I won't be leading the fracas, Mercykiller/Maloch will have to do the honors between "honey dos" from yours truly as I recover from my upcoming surg... :)
  • Another great run today! Grats to the new "Astral Walker"s! (Including my little mage *sniff*)

    Make sure to sign up for next weeks run!
  • Sorry I missed yesterday, got busy with RL. Glad it went well!
  • very fun run! Thx all for trying Algalon!
    Sandrika, Crazan, Squeatus To often we post in anger, when waiting and thinking and letting that boiling pot settle would be sooo much better.
  • Agreed Sandi! This Saturday will be my last for a couple of weeks as 'ringleader' so I'm leaving it in Mal's hands until I'm up for sitting in front of a PC for longer than 10 mins. before going back to a drug haze lol - but please DO sign up and have fun!!!
  • Gonna put in a request for Sunwell!!!
    Sandrika, Crazan, Squeatus To often we post in anger, when waiting and thinking and letting that boiling pot settle would be sooo much better.
  • works for me!!!

  • I need two raids instance from bc, but can't remember which on top of my head but wish I can be there, will be stuck at work and volunteer. Anyone wanna log on my acct and play for me? Hehehe
  • Hey Kat! Is this Saturday's raid set for 12 server or 12 local? It *says* 12 server, but I know that's early for you west coasters.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • D'oh! Good catch Hoffy - I changed the time to 2:00 server - thanks! :o)
  • No prob! I have a party that night, but if I am done setting everything up by then I will try to make it on. Which is why I looked at the time!
    a/k/a Victarious
  • I THINK I can come this weekend!!!! unless my work schedule gets all jacked...my boss totally got fired today...so yeah...thats kind of throwing a wrench in things!
  • The more the merrier! get your butt signed up! :)
  • Change of plans. Apparently I have plans...(plans I wasn't aware of until I was informed I had plans) We are going to clean out part of my grandmothers garage....in preparation for her 91st birthday next weekend...

    I will be back at some point in the afternoon, so if you guys are still toddling around somewhere I would be delighted to join!

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