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Electric cars
  • I was looking at the Nissan Leaf stuff and kinda like it for city commuting etc. I would keep our VW Jetta for traveling longer distances and then I looked at the price ... It was advertised at $27,700 on the US website, and freaking between $38,395 and $39,995 on Nissan's Canadian website. WTF ? The Canadian dollar is worth MORE than the US dollar right now, and that car costs that much more in Canada than it does in the US? I don't get it. I'm a bit turned off by that right now which is souring our appetite to go out and get one of these green cars. Any thoughts ?
  • http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-drive/car-life/auto-therapy/woe-canada-why-are-cars-cheaper-in-the-us/article1893074/

    Not that it gives much of a straight answer. But part of the answer seems to be 'those are the prices because Canadians will pay them'.
  • I like direct sales for Tesla. That's still my favourite electric car but I still can't afford one. There's a big debate on whether or not individual states are allowing people to buy directly from the manufacturer. I've seen Tesla's up here but haven't actually met anyone that owns one to find out if they bought it from the manufacturer or if they got it from someone else.


  • I've heard (haven't seen) that leases are much more reasonable... and have some tax credit benefits in some places?

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