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Raiding Addons
  • Just thought I'd start a (current) thread on useful raiding add-ons. I'll start off with some of my faves and I look forward to seeing yours.


    This is probably the most multi-function addon I have. Here are some of the functions:
    1) It does "recount"
    2) You can set it up to show the stats from current fight or a previous fight or the entire session. (I default to current.) This means you can see the dps from the current fight without resetting - it just does it.
    3) It has a threat meter and you can make it show threat during the fight and then drop to whatever stat you want after the fight.
    4) It has lots of different stats - interrupts, HPS, damage taken, deaths, etc.
    5) The deaths feature will show you the last n events before a death so it can be a death review tool.
    6) It will talk to the data broker so for example if you want to see raid dps you can set that up and show it in a databroker tool. (I use my Titan Bar to see it.) (I've only tried raid dps, there are other options).
    7) There are more features (I think it has a fail announcer and other stuff but I haven't used that in a while.)

    Deadly Boss Mods
    There are lots of boss mods out there Deus Vox, Big Wigs, DBM, others. I'm currently using DBM, but I also really liked Deus Vox and sometimes thing of reloading that one.

    If you haven't used a boss mod - it makes tracking what is going on in a raid much easier.

    While you can watch cast bars and targeting bars to see what it tells you (and if you have a good sense of timing be able to predict when casts are likely) boss mods free up more of your attention so you can focus on other things like staying out of the fire.

    Some of the features include:
    Letting you know when certain casts are about to happen.
    Letting you know who something has been cast on. (Slime on Keks!)
    Letting you know phase transitions (and that they are approaching.)

    Whichever one you get, you probably will want to configure it because there is a reasonable chance that some alert bar will be where you don't want it. Also with DBM - if you are doing pre-Cata raids there are additional pieces to install. Just search for DBM on Curse and you'll find the other pieces.

    Good Tools

    The above addons are what I would consider essentials. What follows are a few nice tools to help out further (or are for special cases like "I want logs")

    This is pretty special purpose - turn on logging in dungeons.
    How many times have you heard/read "Oh I forgot to log tonight". This is how I avoid that.

    To set it up you configure it to log in the instance you want to log.
    By default it will ask you when you enter an instance if you want to log it - so really all you have to do is turn it on and answer its questions. (You can turn off the asking and just set up what instances you want to log.)
    Once you tell it to log in the instance every time you enter it, it will automatically start the combat log for you.

    No, this doesn't measure your toon's body composition. However, it does let you know if you have all the buffs you can get.

    Yes, you can look at the raid composition and know what buffs you should have and then see if you have them - but with buff enough you can look at a square on your screen, see if it is green or red and know if you have the buffs.

    This can catch little things like "oops I have the wrong stance/presence/aspect/aura", "Oh I forgot to take my flask/it wore off" to slightly trickier things like "I don't have the priest buff (and last time Twilla gave it to me.)"

    It is customizable, so you can change or add other things to check. Also you can click it to have it tell everyone what buff you are waiting for.

    All in all it makes it easy to glance up and know if you are really ready at that ready check.

    I think this is my favorite add-on, or at least a tie with Skada. Fire is bad. GTFO helps you get out of that fire - sometimes even before it lands. This add-on makes loud obnoxious noises (of various types) when you stand in poo or are standing in pre-poo so you can get out.

    I believe you can set up graphic effects too if you prefer visual input - but I haven't set that up (and I'm not online so I can't check it.)

    This is particularly handy with bosses who steal spells and leave things like "consecration as poo" when you have a pally in the group. But in general it makes it harder to snooze when poo is in your vicinity.

    That's All For Now

    While I have quite a few more addons installed, from what I recall the rest are not raid specific (or I haven't tested them yet) so they don't need to go here.

    What tools do you use for raiding?
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  • I used Grid for raid frames, which is by far the most important part of the UI for a healer. Highly customizable, and you can set up icons to display who has what spell (IE, who has Shield/Weakend soul, Mending, Hots).

    I use Pitbull for Player and Target frames (as well as Target's Target and Target's Target's Target). The last is nice for seeing who has agro, although Grid does that as well.

    Not raiding related, but if you're using Blizzard's default inventory system, and you're not a complete masochist, install ArkInventory. It lets you put everything in one frame, set up groups to separate items by type, automatically sorts items, and lets you search based on name. I can't play without it now, as Blizzard's inventory system makes me want to punch a kitten.
  • Recount
    Omen threat meter
    Deadly Boss mods
    Grid raid frames
    Pitbull unit frames

    Acheron (Death Reporter). This does not work anymore though, it broke with 4.1 patch but supposedly there are fixes in the forums. Looks like skada does the same thing though

    Mik Scrolling Battle Text

    OmniCC (puts a big easy to read timer on spells that are on CD)

    Smart buff (auto buffing on mouse scroll, etc)

    For Mages:
    Mage Nuggets and Combustion Helper

  • Skada/BigWigs/GTFO/PowerAuras. These tell me everything I need to know. Oh, and HealBot on Rhonar. Other than that, everything I use is informational or cosmetic. I'm a keyboard turner (shut up) and I use a pretty minimalist interface.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • The way I have Skada set up it shows me threat during the fight and then whatever I select (Damage or Healing or whatever you want) when out of combat. It also has audible alarms if I get close to becoming the most threatening target (just like omen).

    GTFO is fantastic for keeping me out of the fire. It is a minigame to move before the alarm goes off to tell you to move.

    I also consider some boss mod essential. Right now I am running DBM and DXE together to compare the information. They are both pretty good. The most common problem with any boss mod is inaccurate timers. The main role is to tell you what is likely to happen next in the encounter - it helps your situational awareness by helping you be ready for what is about to happen.
  • So I downloaded Mage Nuggets to check it out based on Alynn's recommendation. I just about fell out of my chair laughing when I used my mirror images and the A-Team theme started playing!
  • LOL! I may have to get that for my little mage.
  • Romilin said:

    So I downloaded Mage Nuggets to check it out based on Alynn's recommendation. I just about fell out of my chair laughing when I used my mirror images and the A-Team theme started playing!

    I freaking hate the default music for that LOL. Silence! It would not be that bad if it didn't go for the WHOLE TIME, haha!
  • Yeah, I agree, but it was still pretty freaking funny the first time it happened
  • It is totally funny the first few times. Scared the bejezus out of me the first time it happened. I replaced it with something else. Or you can turn it off.
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  • I think there used to be a mage mod that played "Time Warp" whenever Time Warp was used. Not sure if its still up there or if it got pulled.
  • That would be awesome.
    There exist only three respectable beings: the priest, the warrior, the poet. To know, to kill, and to create. -Charles Baudelaire
  • Ok, been playing my mage a bit more, mostly running as arcane. I've found I really like MageManaBars (other than how it fits in my UI.)

    It is very nice to see non-buffed mana, where your mana will be after a mage armor tick, when to use your mana gem and not waste mana, etc. I'm sure with more practice (and a more stable gear set) some of this extra information is just noise, but as a new mage it is nice to have it written out in large friendly letters.
    Post edited by Zurena at 2011-08-17 00:46:50
  • Yeah, I've just started out using MageManaBars myself. It is great for those of us who need an easy visual representation instead of trying to do the math on the fly
  • Ok I added and discovered a few new addons since my last post. Magewise I'm using:
    Mage Mana Bar
    Mage Nuggets (yes it is nice to see my SP and ignites and sheeps, and autoreply to getting buffs)
    Combustion helper (running fire these days)

    Also using Power Auras to keep track of buffs like stolen time, and power torrent and cooldowns coming off like flame orb. Alternatively (or additionally) you can use weak auras

    And one I discovered today is - reforge saver - for those times when you really need to respec the best...frequently.

    Also, as an alternative to http://askmrrobot.com there is http://wowreforge.com

    And completely independent of raiding I finally got adibags, and yes it is a very nice bag addon. (I also tried baud manifest - which shows you your inventory as a list, it didn't work for me, but if you prefer lists it might work for you.)

  • Zoriana said:

    I think there used to be a mage mod that played "Time Warp" whenever Time Warp was used. Not sure if its still up there or if it got pulled.

    HealBot does that, actually. Since I'm currently using that AND MageNuggets, the hourglass fight in the Vonnegut dungeon has multiple periods of Time Warp/A-Team Theme overlap.

    I really need to disable something.
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  • Yeah something is playing timewarp when timewarp (or Bloodlust or Heroism) goes off. I'm not sure if Vuhdo added it or if MageNuggets added it because I don't recall it being there until around the most recent patch.
  • I believe MageNuggets is now playing during timewarp
  • Yes, I get a very annoying timewarp song that I didn't get before and I just use magenuggets. There is probably a setting to turn it off, just been too lazy to look for it.
  • Yeah all the songs are configurable. As are the replies so you can set up a set of 3 snappy comebacks for every buff if you want.

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