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shaman pvp healing
  • Anyone done this that can offer some words of wisdom, especially in small groups? I feel like i can hps the living daylights out of anyone. I'm not doing a great deal of offensive shamaning, though. halp!
  • Here are my thoughts, would love to hear others as well of course:

    • Main totems to drop at the beginning: Stoneclaw, Searing, Healing Stream and Grounding
    • I have stoneclaw glyphed for the shield absorb and redrop it whenever I need additional protection, and the shield stays even if you pick back up the totem again so you can stoneclaw then immediately go back to armor or tremor if feared for example
    • Of course healing stream is glyphed for the resistances
    • I drop grounding a lot, sometimes I put it up whenever its off cooldown, sometimes I have one of the players targeted and drop it when I see them casting some kind of cc that I can't windshear yet, so with the 4 piece bonus on grounding to let you drop more often and windshear you can stop a lot of sheeps, whirlwinds etc. But note that the grounding totem is not just personal, it does block stuff sent towards your team mates so you either have it up all teh time to generally just be helpful or use it as specific moments
    • spirit link is awesome, in 2v2s at least it has saved me many times. There does seem to be a tick lag so make sure to not wait too long before dropping, and make sure to communicate to whoever you're healing (if its arena) so thay stay in the circle of fun
    • And of course mana totem, make sure to set this down with stoneclaw because people like to kill it, with the big pulsing wave its like a bullseye. But you can drop it behind boxes and other places since the range is pretty big, with stoneclaw its usually enough protection that a healer can't moonfire it down for example
    • Tremor totem on demand for fear
    • Earthbind is good to slow people down so put this down if you're trying to get away and especially if kiting around pillars/boxes etc.

    • Spec for telluric currents so you can use that to help from time to time
    • I also spec so that when I use shock spells I get a bigger next heal because I try to shock a lot. Frost shock is good because it slows people down but flame shock helps add some damage. I use that especially if they are low on health and trying to help with ticks as they run away
    • windshear all the time. CC like sheep and cyclone and big heals. Things to watch for are that healers will fake a heal so sometimes it helps to windshear at the end of a heal if you can and windshear big heals. What helps in arena is to pick one target (healer or mage usually) to keep focus on and macro your windshear to focus. Then target a 2nd one likely to do stuff you don't like and then you can windshear your target. That way you can be watching two targets and interupt (or drop grounding totem) them as needed
    • In my opinion, shamans are squishy and don't have a lot of oh crap spells. Spirit link is the best new thing we have, so a lot of the time we're hanging back being defensive but if someone is low that is when I will hop out and try to help get them down with shocks and lightening, you never want to be caught in the open, of course playing against ranged and melee are different and I'm still developing strategies based on the groups we're presented
    • Hex is great because as you know, it doesn't heal people up. You can macro hex to your swift heal if you want instant hex. This can save you when being attacked by several melee as melee are terrible and can keep you chain cc'd if not careful. But I like to hex a healer if the dps is low or hex a healer if they are about to die (prevents them for a couple of seconds from casting any self heals. Since hex has such a long cooldown, it should be used strategically. Although admittedly I should use it more

    Specs, Glyphs and Gear
    • I stacked resilience more than anything else, gems, enchants, gear etc., my only expection is I do use a regular mana/int trinket, this is because in arena sometimes all I'm doing is keeping myself alive while Val (in 2v2) is running off killing someone, if I can stay alive we win
    • If I'm seriously pvp'ing for a while or at the higher arena ranks I'll add some of the pvp damage reduction stuff to tree
    • I always spec for insta wolf as you use it to get away fast and it will reduce the effects of moment slow down spells
    • I glyph for stoneclaw shield, resistance totems, if I'm going to pvp a lot I'll add the hex cooldown reducer

    I'm sure there is more, that is what I'm remember off the top of my head, I'm open to all corrections or new ideas!
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    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal
  • You two should run some war games for practice imo.
  • I have a bunch of comments that I'll add later (TC is a waste of points! A waste of points!) but one thing I've been trying in the last week or so is aggressive shield hopping, which maybe was too obvious to mention (nubs and their sense of entitlement!). It costs mana, but it saves lives and makes a significant difference in twos and threes. I may be in love with it because it's one of the things I already have binds for for PVE. The idea is to move ES/WS around as the pressure moves between the healer and a dps'er. When I get it right, it really seems to take the wind out of a 2-dps team's focused burst attempts as Val (or Val and Spin) grind someone into the good earth.

    I also just re-read this and grounding counters cyclone? NS affects hex? Nobody tells me these things!

    On smaller things, I took both resil trinks and I think it works better (although this may be due to the fact I've played a lot more 3s than 2s) - throughput is never my problem, mana very rarely is. Survival, though, is critical.

    Searing I can see in 2s, had not thought to try it. I rely on things like riptide/unleash/gift a lot to eat the first wave of focus (and try to save NS for when it moves to dps). So I'm reluctant take the loss in spell power.

    I haven't yet, but I do need to move to the shock-things-for-better-heals spec, as you mention. I'm a religious flame shock user, for the same reasons as you. I wonder if Earth Shock might not also be an effective way to reduce the burst ability of some classes, dks in particular.
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  • A few updates, agree 100% on telluric, i do not have it in my spec, not sure why i put it above. Also, I've been seeing we should add 2-4% hit depending on play style to ensure windshear and hex hits. I dont have that but may up to 2% to see what happens.

    NS does work on hex but my macro i have not yet been able to get my macro to work with one click like with ghw. I can hit NS then hex and instant hex which can be quite handy.

    i'm also reading that resistance on healing stream can be countered with spell pen so hardly worth it.

    I can avoid a lot of cc by alternating windshear and grounding. Even a deathgrip can be grounded. Grounding is awesome.

    Agree with you on ES changes.

    Also, been playing around with changing weapon buff, switching to frost an using inleash on enemy is fun.

    Be careful on searing totem when hexing, ensure its not down or targeting non hexed player if decide to try it from time to time.

    Our problem in 2s is we get in neverending fights a lot. 2 of 3 the other night would habe probably hit max time but on the first one he team gave up and 2nd Val dc'd. Would love thoughts on how i can help kill faster. I try pushing offense, hex healer when either party is low. I interupt heals, etc but if any other ideas are out there that would be great.

    Oh and of course i drink every moment i get, even if its for 1 sec.

    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal
  • Basically, if the CD's up and you or your partner will not die within a global, interrupt something if its cast. The shaman spell school lockdown is very short but the interrupt is ranged and easy to land.

    Also, I got a new weapon and I'm OP again. No more long fights soon, hopefully.

    Hopefully. :P WTB 2200 weapon.
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