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Saturday Raid Interest
  • I don't know if there is anyone else in my current situation but I figured I'd throw it out there to see what kind of interest there is. I don't have time in the evenings during the week to raid. Some nights I do have the free time, but that can change at a moment's notice, and I have commitments currently that I cannot break, so I can't commit to a weekly raid on a week night. The established raids also don't really have any free slots for a noob rogue anyway. The only day I am free from interruption and that I know I can reasonably commit for the next several months is Saturday between 9AM and 6-7PM.

    How much interest would there be in starting a 10-Man, very casual raid on Saturdays, somewhere in the time frame of 9 AM and 6 PM server time, probably 2-3 hours maximum duration with a fixed cut off time (ie: if we say we'll raid from 1PM to 3PM, we stop at 3PM on the dot unless all 10 people agree to extend for another shot at a boss or something).

    Hoff ran a raid like this for a few weeks near the end of Wrath and there was actually a decent amount of interest and we did fairly well in ICC. I would be willing to lead this raid with the understanding that I am not a raid leader and it would probably be pretty rough going for the first few raids. We'd also need to be willing to accept that we might bash our heads against the wall wiping.

    If you're interested please post what time period on Saturday would be best for you, and what class/role you would like to bring. I'll see where we go from there!

    Alright! Some interest! Me likey... I'll add the names to the list:

    Raven/Katanyaa/Ariannrhod (dps and/or heals; preferred start time: anytime after 10AM server)
    Maloch [possibly, not confirmed yet] (tanking; preferred start time: ??)
    Durthane (tank; preferred start time: afternoon or evening)
    Hoff (melee dps; preferred start time: noonish server)
    Doljon (melee dps; preferred start time: anytime after 10AM server)

    Post edited by Doljon at 2011-06-10 13:41:43
  • Durthane (Tank) would likely be in... I only work every 6th or 7th weekend... I would prefer afternoon or evening... (I hate mornings... and they hate me...).
    I used to care... now I take a pill for that...

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    Tanks are the only Class/Spec that makes you fight NPCs and members of your group at the same time.
  • I have to sleep on it and talk it over with my RL peeps, but I could be down for this. The only reason I stopped running them in Wrath is that I took a break from the game altogether. I'm free almost every Saturday in the day, but I often have plans at night so I'd like to go no later than maybe 5, but I could probably fudge it if need be. I would PREFER to run a bit earlier, maybe noon server, but I can be flexible on that.

    I would be coming as melee DPS, on either the DK or warrior.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Alrighty, I added your names to the list on the original post. I'll leave this open for a few days and then maybe by the start of next week I'll gauge the interest and see if it's worth scheduling a raid (which if so will probably be next Saturday, June 18th).
  • Something to discuss is what content. If we have designs on running current stuff, it might be worth waiting until the patch comes out rather than learn fights we'll only be doing for a few weeks. In the name of full disclosure, I'm likely not wiling to do so. On the other hand, if we're going to spend some time in BWD/BoT/T4W, that's a different story.

    I'm fine either way, though I'd probably prefer to run Firelands, but at the same time I don't know where everyone is at mentally or gearwise.

    One other thought is that the 4.0 raids are getting nerfed in 4.2 as well, so that might be another reason to wait for the patch (which is rumored to be only a few weeks off).
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Yep that's actually the next step after finding out who all is interested because it's largely going to be determined by the gear and experience of the group. Personally I would like to start with BWD and work through it all so that eventually we will be doing Firelands. However I am not against skipping the lower tier stuff (or focusing less on it) if the group turns out to be capable of it. I also am not against waiting for the 4.2 nerf to make our lives a tad easier too. If we do that it might be worth doing BWD once or twice before then to sort of get together and see how we all jive together and how the raids might go.
  • Also for full disclosure, I haven't experienced the entire raid content of any expansion. In original WOW I missed the last half of BWL and most of AQ40. In BC, I missed almost all of the raid content except Gruul's, and in Wrath I saw all of Naxx, and some of Ulduar and ICC. I missed most of it due to me playing on satellite connection at the time, but also just bad timing on my part (my breaks from the game always seemed to coincide with when the raid groups were forming/starting content). My hope is to create a 10-man raid to go through the content from start to finish, and I hope there are some folks who want that as well. Whether that is pre-4.2 or post-4.2 doesn't matter to me. However it's not a deal breaker if enough people are interested and the group makeup turns out to be capable of skipping stuff.
  • I'm perfectly fine doing the stuff that's out now, or not. I just hate to go through the first few painful weeks of learning and wiping if we're not going to enjoy the fruits of our labor. If we do decide to do the 4.0 stuff, though, I don't care if we wait for the patch or not; just putting it out there as something to consider.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Agreed, I have no interest in leading others (or participating myself) in a few weeks of wipes and learning experience and having only some repair bills and lost Saturday afternoons to show for it. I'd love nothing more than to have this 10-man turn into a regular one with as much success and fun as the others!
  • I would prefer to start with the current raid content... I do not want to jump right into Firelands. I am also available to help others gear up some (heroics, etc.). As far as some of the older raid content... I am down with it too... (for achievements). Olnir has done most of it, but Durthane hasn't done any of it.
    I used to care... now I take a pill for that...

    In partnership for an idiot-free America...

    Tanks are the only Class/Spec that makes you fight NPCs and members of your group at the same time.
  • One thing I would mention, Firelands will be 379 gear lvl meaning things will be hitting HARD. I would think that even when It comes out some grps may want to run BWD and BOT just to get some gear to make Firelands not as painful. hehe the gear from BWD and BOT is only 359, but still anything is nice. =) just something I was thinking about when reading the conversation.
    Sandrika, Crazan, Squeatus To often we post in anger, when waiting and thinking and letting that boiling pot settle would be sooo much better.
  • I was wondering what the DPS requirements will be, as well. I haven't watched or read anything from the PTR so I don't really know.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Well so far there isn't enough interest. I suppose we could try to 3-man the raid content, but that might not provide the results we're looking for. I will leave this thread open until Sunday night to give others more time to see it. If by Sunday evening no one else has responded I'm going to have to assume there just isn't enough interest. :(
  • Heh. I saw you posting in Hronk's thread. If this doesn't pan out for you then I hope that does.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • I'm still hoping that a Saturday raid is possible. It works better for me anyway. I don't how to drum up more interest though. I have no desire to try to pug it. Maybe it's more to do with me not being an established raid leader that there isn't enough interest.
  • I had to float it a few times before it took for me. I doubt it's anything on you. If it doesn't happen right now, try again in a few months, and of course if you see someone else asking about a Saturday raid, jump on it.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Ariannrhod just threw her name in the mix too so we're up to 4 folks (and potentially one healer if she decides to bring Katanyaa).

    I'll go out on a limb and say that if we can get a healer and maybe one more DPS, we'll have enough folks to show the run has a good chance of happening and that might bring some folks who haven't spoken up out of the woodwork.
  • I'll go ahead and say you've got your healer - I'll bring Katanyaa to the Saturday hijinx. :o)

  • Depending on how things shake out, I could bring MK or Maloch to tank or DPS, but it really depends on how much time we'll get with Prudence/Gina as her weekends are tiny slivers. MK's more geared (both are geared more for tanking), but he is married to BC's raid unless the latest piranha frenzy takes it apart.

    I'm competent on both.
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • Awesome, I've updated the list. I'm thinking about setting up a raid on the calendar either for next Saturday or maybe giving it some more time and instead for the following Saturday.
  • Just as an FYI the next three Saturdays are no-gos for me; my brother's wedding is next Saturday and this one I'm flying out. The third I'm flying back =P
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • Let's make this happen, please, as well as Nightshift if anyone from there is lurking.

    Just Saturdays in general are good and more people around to pug fill if need be. 10 mans are great for those that have never seen old content/done much raiding. Only problem with that is that people who might want to help might be locked to some other version heroic/non/25 who knows.

    Still. Do this.
  • I'm going to put up a raid for this coming Saturday and see what happens. I know Maloch can't make it for the next two Saturdays but I want to see if we can make a run happen soon. I will be out of town the weekend of July 4th (which is the first weekend that Maloch would be back and possibly able to run) so that means we'd have to wait until the weekend of July 9th and while I don't mind doing that, I don't want to risk folks losing interest by waiting that long.. So, as soon as I am able to I will post a raid for June 18th. Please sign up if you even *think* you can make it but aren't sure!
    Post edited by Doljon at 2011-06-13 10:36:18
  • Great idea all! I may be able to fill in occasionally on my druid as heals. Let me know if needed.

    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal
  • Doljon, apologies, this saturday won't work out due to real life/work related stuffs :(

    I'll be available next week though!
  • Not sure if you mentioned the time yet, tried to scan through the discussion on the mobile is a bit difficult. I can help after 9 pm st ( volunteer in the morning and then following by work). But I can occasional dip in to heal on my priest. Depend on which raid dungeon, i can also dps on my mage.
  • No worries. This Saturday was sort of short notice and I already knew several folks who expressed interest would not be able to make it. I'm going to go ahead and ask now for the folks who have signed up:

    Would you like me to call it now and try again at a later date or would you like to continue as scheduled and see if we can pick up spare guildies on Saturday? As it stands now we are at 4 DPS signed up and would need to pick up 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 2 more DPS to make this Sat happen. I have no interest in pugging outside of the guild for the run, my intention all along was to make this guild only. I am fine with either option. What do you all think?

    I'm thinking that perhaps waiting for 4.2 to come out and then starting up a Saturday run might be in the best interest of us all as that would make the raid itself easier, and it would give folks a little bit more time to schedule (Maloch would be back too and I'm sure some folks who are AFK from the game waiting on 4.2 might be back and interested).

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

  • jasminie said:

    Not sure if you mentioned the time yet, tried to scan through the discussion on the mobile is a bit difficult. I can help after 9 pm st ( volunteer in the morning and then following by work). But I can occasional dip in to heal on my priest. Depend on which raid dungeon, i can also dps on my mage.

    Hi Jas, the time we were aiming for is sometime early afternoonish (1 PM server for start time seems to be within most people's preferred range).
  • oo ok Doljon - that time i'll be at work but thank you :-D
  • ok - sorry for the yo-yo - but if you want me for heals I'm your girl :o)
  • No problem at all. I don't know if the raid is going to happen but no one responded to my question about calling it so I will assume everyone wants to give it a shot this Saturday and see what happens. I'm going to make some notes tonight and review the first few bosses of BWD so I can do my best to explain the fights beforehand in case we have anyone new to the dungeon (I've only seen the first two bosses myself!).

    The plan is Saturday I will be on early and will go about trying to find folks to fill the rest of the spots and if by 12:45 PM server time when invites go out we don't have a full raid group I will call it. At that point depending on who is on and the interest if the raid is called we can at least go and do the two troll dungeons and get some valor/justice points and gear for those of you who set aside the time. How does that sound?

    Post edited by Doljon at 2011-06-16 12:28:32
  • I'll be there :o)
  • I'm so bummed! This is exactly the type of raiding I love! I'm out of pocket all remaining weekends in June, free all July as things stand now and then unavailable August thru mid-October. I really hope things get going before then for you. I will focus on getting gear and then put myself as a fill in in the future. Good luck! I've really missed Saturday Raiding and am excited for its return.
  • It looks like the raid is not going to happen today unfortunately. It was a long shot after all, but no worries. I had a conversation with Ariannrhod and I think the best bet at this point in time is to give this another shot after 4.2 comes out. That should be any week now anyway, and by then Maloch should be back and we can get a better idea of when it will make sense to schedule it. With the nerf coming to the first tier raids that will make success for us a little easier and there is a chance that some folks who are on break from the game may return and be interested in a Saturday raid.

    Thanks for signing up and we'll try this again at some point in time post-4.2. Check back to this thread for when that is.

  • I signed up this morning as I blew off a meeting I normally attend till 1pm to help out and I can offer my assistance as Tank and Heals. This being said, it is "conditional" to fact of please take others first as I am already in Raid with Wafflefry and only am offering to fill blank spots or as per needed out of fairness to others.
  • I strongly agree that trying this again after 4.2 is a marvelous idea. The encounters will be nerfed, and players will also have access to the encounter journal, which, looking at the preview of it on MMO Champ, I feel will be a big help.
    Post edited by Hoff at 2011-06-20 17:23:55
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Yeah I just checked out the encounter journal also and it looks like it will definitely be a positive thing.

    I have plans for the July 4th weekend so the earliest raid I think will be feasible is July 9th. I'm not going to schedule anything yet though because we still don't know for sure when 4.2 is out and who will be available when. After 4.2 is actually live I will see who all is available for sure out of those interested and then schedule accordingly (and hopefully pick up enough extra volunteers to make it happen).
  • So, 4.2 is now upon us with all its fiery glory and that means it's time to try this again. Rather than just slap a raid up and see who signs up I am going to just ask: which weekend in July works for you?

    I will be out of town (on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico, scalloping with my wife and parents ;)) this weekend, drinking a beer and possibly exploding dangerous fireworks, weather permitting.

    Right now any Saturday in July works for me. Please post which Saturday works for you this month and I'll try to figure out what day has the best chance of success.

    Also if you are returning to the game from a break, check this thread out and please post if you are interested in an early afternoon, semi-casual / semi-progression oriented regular Saturday raid. If the raid happens we will be starting in BWD and progressing from there, so if you missed any raid tiers this is your chance!
  • I'm busy this one as well. Any of the others should work.

    Remember to get your new sexy cloak from the new Thrall quest chain. Added benefit:

    You totally get to save Thrall, who is so VERY bad-ass.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • I dunno about Thrall. He used to be a badass. Now he's got some dream about buying some land, gonna give up the booze and the one night stands and then he'll settle down. In some quiet little town. And forget about everything. Or something.
  • hronk said:

    I dunno about Thrall. He used to be a badass. Now he's got some dream about buying some land, gonna give up the booze and the one night stands and then he'll settle down. In some quiet little town. And forget about everything. Or something.

    There are a lot of interesting lore opportunities with Thrall becoming one of the most awesome characters in game + other things like Prince Anduin Wrynn's outlook becoming way more reasonable than his father's.

    Would be awesome if one of two things happened. Unite the factions or split the factions. Split alliance in two, split horde in two. Four factions.
  • Well I would say that the Horde certainly has at least 2 factions within it - maybe 3 if you take the Voljin/Garosh split.

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