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what the heal, part 2
  • So having muddled my way into healing heroics, I feel reasonably comfortable with, if not in any way proficient at it. And there's a lot of info here and on the intertubes at wide about good ways to gear/addon/gem/faceroll a healer. I'm gratefully absorbing it. But there's one thing that I don't see much about - how does raid healing work? When there are 3 or 7 healers, who tells whom what to do, whom to heal and so forth? I very rarely hear healers say anything about it in vent or raid chat. Is there some secret subliminal raid healer method of communication or convention? When you show up to raid to heal and heal the wrong person, is someone going to yell at you the equivalent of [Darg voice] 'DO NOT TAUNT'?
  • Telepathy is what the Awesometron healers use. I think.
    I love gnomes.
  • I quote the former guild MT at you, Clef. DO NOT TAUNT!
  • Not like I can't help taunting. 5 stacks of my holy debuff on the mob ticking off usually pisses everything off.
    I love gnomes.
  • Depends on the raid. We Know actually has a channel we use on 25 man raids called weknowheals or something. There is a corresponding weknowmelee and maybe a ranged one too but I rarely see people on those. On our raid we often coordinate via tells to each other vs. calling out in vent but when it gets really hairy we do strategize in vent. I would also say that healers should be talking to their tanks and dps. Stay out of poo, use damage reduction cooldowns. When we were doing Nefarian, I was responsible for healing Zyavel (waffle) and we would sent whispers to each other regarding best times to use cool downs etc. Easy fights don't really need coordination but communication is keep for the harder encounters.

    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal
  • Thanks Jexii,

    I've actually spent some formative quality time in weknowtanks and weknowmelee so I have a reasonable idea of what goes on in there (dong jokes, mostly). But suppose you have, say, a 10 person raid doing a 1 tank encounter with 3 healers. One healer heals the tank (with maybe everyone watching the tank and crosshealing if needed?) and the other two do what? Split it somehow by group, by function, by phase of moon? I know in the 25s we used to have a healer handle 'healer assignments' but I don't know how it happened although I assume somehow through weknowheals. In 10s, I haven't the slightest idea.
  • There is a weknowtanks too.
    Also from what I've noted we usually have someone do the healing assignments and then the healers work from there, sometimes with a bit of coordination discussion pre-pull and if there is a critical thing like, "X is out of range of me someone heal them" or "I'm down someone cover x" it gets called out in vent.

    Depending on the healers and their familiarity with them, often they seem to just get to know each others strengths and weaknesses and "know" how to cover for the others. I think I see that more in 10s than 25s because it is a smaller group.
  • There's also a chat channel called 'weknowheals'.
  • It really depends on the fight. On Chimeron, for example, Jas (pally) heals the two tanks, I take group 1, Harpin takes group 2, at the beginning we even went as far as if Harpin's group took more damage than my group, I'd help heal starting left to right and she goes right to left. That fight is that close in healing. Now maybe we were overly organized but it seemed to work.

    So in the case of a one tank fight, we assign the tank healer and the two others heal the raid and it usually just works out. As someone who often is the raid healer, I always also watch the tanks for low health. If you have the right add ons that show incoming heals and know when someone is more likely to take damage you can prioritize who to heal next and how fast of a heal to put on them with the ultimate goal of minimizing overhealing and preserving as much mana as possible.

    And I can not recall a time in which I got yelled at for healing the wrong person. Generally people ignore the healers and what they do unless people are dying. Now if a tank is always dying we'd look at the logs to see if the healer assigned is not doing their job and healing a bunch of other people. But its not like taunting or dpsing the wrong thing. If you have a job and do it and people stay alive and you run out of mana somewhat equally and get close to running out of mana at the end of a fight (don't preserve too much) then you're good. As a shaman, you'll most likely get put on raid healing, although this is a somewhat dated concept that shaman's can't heal tanks. I've been able to tank heal quite well now with the new set up.

    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal
  • I agree entirely with Jexii about not getting yelled at for healing too much. It's not like a taunt, no one ever wiped a raid by healing the wrong person. Most healers just instinctively keep an eye out for everyone's health as well as their own assignments, and pitch in to help out when they see someone getting low or a player out of range of their specific healer.
  • no one ever wiped a raid by healing the wrong person.

    You might have, thankfully, forgotten them but we've had some lively debates about that in the past.

    In any event, the point I'm taking away from this is 'there's an unhealthy absence of yelling in raid healing' :]

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  • hronk said:

    no one ever wiped a raid by healing the wrong person.

    'there's an unhealthy absence of yelling in raid healing' :]

    Are you volunteering to rectify this oversight then? ;)

  • Are you volunteering to rectify this oversight then? ;)

    I didn't spec full points into 'aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee' for nothing!

  • For the most part raid healing is simple... Tank healer? Heal your tank. If you go oom or the tank dies. You did something wrong. The only time you heal anyone else... is if you are full on mana, the tank is full on health and ur not in a fight. :)

    If you're assigned to the raid? Keep those health bars up without going OOM. It's a really fun balancing act keeping your mana from draining away in a flood vs. keeping EVERYONE alive. Triage is always fun.

    Usually even when you're healing multiple targets you'll have to prioritize. If you have a bunch of plate wearers to heal and only a couple of clothies but the clothies are topping the dps meters... keep the clothies up! It's all situational awareness.

    Healers always say if you go oom or die. But the tank lives and the boss dies, then you did your job.
  • Arzozah said:

    If you have a bunch of plate wearers to heal and only a couple of clothies but the clothies are topping the dps meters...

    I wasn't going to come out and say it by I triage based on what I see in recount. I feel slightly less bad for doing it, now. It also makes all the heals I've got while doing lousy dps feel so much sweeter!
  • You should also try playing "How Low Can You Go" with the next tank you have to heal. Baird and Moonger used to hate it when I got bored and started keeping myself amused. I think I even did it to Darg a couple of times in MC.:D
  • Hronk in Business Casual Gali has usually been making assignments, and sometimes we discuss at the beginning of the fight. Often when I'm running with that raid the default config is Gali on Mercy, me on Leon, and Dilemma for resto goodness raid heals.

    What that means to me is that first priority is to keep Leon up. There's a priest stance for single target healing (Chakra Heal), so I tend to go in that. But, I do keep my eye out for raid damage and throw in a circle of healing (instant cast) off cooldown, and a Prayer of Healing if we just took big raid wide damage. My guess is that Gali is doing the same.

    Gali has called out changes for certain fights. e.g. Chimeron is tricky and needs fast surgical heals on people when they get taken to 1 hp, and big AoE heals during feud. In this fight Gali takes Mercy (soak tank), and Dilemma and I play whack-a-mole during the non-feud times and then use all AoE heals during feud.

    Another thing I'd say and I'm sure you know this, but for raid healing mana conservation is more important than in heroics. The fights are longer, and although we sometimes survive one healer going OOM we don't tend to survive two healers going OOM. I try to be really careful with heals and resist the urge to keep everyone topped off at all times. Priests (like any class) have certain spells that are mana efficient and certain that aren't -- and the mana efficient ones are usually on cooldowns or are slow cast. In some fights there are times where I might not click a heal for 5 or 10 secs to let mana rebuild. And I try to use the mana efficient spells at all times, until things get chaotic and hairy, then you have to use every tool at your disposal. Some fights like Magmaw have a built in time where no damage is going, perfect time for mana regen (for holy priests that shadowfiend plus hymn of hope). Potion of concentration is an overlooked pot -- it restores 20 - 30k mana (plus 40% for alchemists with the right trinket), but you are in a trance for 12 seconds while it does so. Perfect pot for the Magmaw head phase.

    Oh, btw, per your other post, I am a grid+clique user.
  • Jurace said:

    Another thing I'd say and I'm sure you know this, but for raid healing mana conservation is more important than in heroics.

    Agree, this is something that has changed from Wrath. Sometimes you have to let people stay lower in health longer than you'd like but mana conservation is key. Its important enough that I wanted to highlight again from Jurace's post.

    And as a SHAMAN, you have the wonderful benefit of mana totem. Use is proactively and often. Even if you don't need mana, check if you fellow healers do. I try to use it as many times per fight as possible. Its like crack. The other healers will love you for it. I'll even try to put it down about 1 min in (unless all healers are at max mana). But then you usually have time to get it down once or twice more depending on the fight. This is probably one of the most important things you can do. And call out when you do. Since its most effective to use at a point in the fight that requires less intensive mana (don't use it during the Chimeron dual for example, maybe just before the first one) your co-healers will appreciate knowing its out. They can then get within 40 yards of it and pause healing for a few seconds if possible.

    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal
  • Oh AND you did great last night in TB! You cleansed, kept your group alive, no one yelled at either of us. And you even beat my druid healing numbers by a percent or two, damn you!

    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal
  • Jexii's mana totem is totally mana crack. Ms. First-one-is-free Jex got me hooked early. It's great though because I time my shadowfiend and hymn of hope around when she drops her totem.

    Different classes definitely have different strengths and our group is really good at utilizing their specific skills and supporting each other. I think one of our strengths is that we call out in Vent when we need assistance or when we can't reach a target. Jex or Jas will always step in and let me know that they got my target covered when things go sideways.
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  • Miss you healers! All this forum stuff is making me think again about playing....
  • Miss you healers! All this forum stuff is making me think again about playing....

    Then our plan is working!!! Whoops... wasn't supposed to tell you about the plan...
  • Arz! You're going to ruin it.

    Now reel him in slow...
    There exist only three respectable beings: the priest, the warrior, the poet. To know, to kill, and to create. -Charles Baudelaire
  • Thanks Jexii! It was good to see the inside of a raid with something very simple. Although my recount said your druid DARED do a couple of more percent healing! WAR!

    I appreciate all the help and suggestions.

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