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Help! I'm a huntard!
  • Somehow I managed to close/delete my original discussion in the process of editing a reply, so apologies for having to repost:

    I'm wondering if some of the more experienced hunters can help me with a bug I'm struggling with. Some hunter shots (definitely Cobra Shot, though it's happened to me with other shots) will automatically target the nearest mob if your current target dies while the shot is casting. This is TERRIBLE. It's caused me to pull unintended groups of trash and to unintentionally break CC which, I'm sure you can guess, goes over just great in PuG's. It's also resulted in my pet pulling unintended trash when I was spamming a pet attack command and my target suddenly switched to a far away mob when my current target died. No use having my pet on passive if he's possibly going to attack random targets that I didn't pick! The only way around it I've found is to stop casting any shot with a cast time once the target is anywhere near death, but even then I worry because it's also happened with Auto Shot. It's driving me nuts. I've seen it mentioned in a thread at EJ, but no solution was offered. Has anybody else run into this and is there a way to deal with it that I'm missing?

    Also, I tamed Karoma last night and was so excited I thought I was going to wet myself. Nothing to do with the issue at hand, but nobody else in my social circle plays WoW and none of the other WN regulars are hunters so this is the only opportunity I have to share my excitement with anyone who would care. :)

    and I also accidentally deleted RTE and Spinnaker's replies, reposted here for posterity...

    I was in a pug in DM the other night and the same thing was happening with a hunter in the group. He kept unintentionally pulling mobs. He even asked in chat "Why is jumping not canceling my shots anymore?" I'd definitely check the interface options and see if there's something that's been added that needs either to be checked or unchecked.

    Grats on Karoma! Looked it up on WowHead, it's the spirit wolf. Hope you give him a good, imaginative name. :)

    Spinnaker said:

    Lurzmog said:

    Help! I'm a huntard!


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    Spencer Cross AKA Lurzmog | Balkhmog | Gobhoblin
  • There is a "Stop Auto Attack" checkbox in the interface options but it doesn't fix the problem. :(

    And thanks re: Karoma! :) He's still "Spirit Beast" until I come up with a suitably awesome name.
    Spencer Cross AKA Lurzmog | Balkhmog | Gobhoblin
  • I have the same issue Lurzmog. I've tried everything and the only solution I've been able to come up with is this: I just watch the mobs health and if it's lower than 3%, I only use kill shot. Not much of a solution and it doesn't do a damn thing for my DPS. BUT... it will stop you from accidentally pulling that next huge trash pull in Grim Batol (Oh wait... that's just me =P )

    If someone comes up with a great solution, I would love them forever and ever :)
  • Oh My God! This has been happening to me too. Since before 4.0.6.

    It is SO awful. It's impossible NOT to be a huntard. Any shot cast after my current target dies automatically targets another mob no matter whether it's CC'd, whether it's in combat, anything. I am finding I have to back WAY up so that at LEAST I only break the CC'd target, and don't unintentionally pull the next pack. Also have to angle my body so the chances of pulling a guy in a pack we are skipping is lowered.

    But yeah. I have been noticing this and I have been complaining about it in PUGs hoping someone else was having this problem.

    Thanks Lurz for bringing this up. Yeah I try to do the only use kill shot at the end too, Jzershua.
  • while we are on the topic of huntards...

    I recently tamed a fox from Tol Barad, and this guy goes chasing after critters! He'll just take off after a spider. Again, raising all kinds of hell in PUGs.
  • while we are on the topic of huntards...

    I recently tamed a fox from Tol Barad, and this guy goes chasing after critters! He'll just take off after a spider. Again, raising all kinds of hell in PUGs.

    This is a yet another issue that's come up in the EJ hunter forum. I wanted a fox and have been holding off just because of this. The list of current hunter bugs is just demoralizing.
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    Spencer Cross AKA Lurzmog | Balkhmog | Gobhoblin
  • Hmm, I haven't noticed about this automatically targeting unwanted mobs
    when using some special shot (wanted to check which checkbox I have but
    couldn't due to ongoing maintenance).

    The way I do is probably a method being executed by many hunters so I'm
    not sure if it is a solution but will explain it anyway.

    The way I do it is, after I set my MD target as my focus, I have a macro
    which makes my target my focus's target when I click "F key".
    So I periodically hit "F key" to check that I'm on the right target and
    follow whenever it changes.

    When pugging with my alt, I often notice hunter shooting a mob before the
    tank pulls (without MD). I'm not sure if this is triggered by the problem
    in topic or something intentional but it is a thing that I'll never do on
    my hunter.

    Unless I'm sure what the tank will pull in which case I shoot as the tank
    pulls with MD up, I tend to wait and see (hitting "F key" repeatedly) what
    my next kill target will be.

    Sofina (hunter) | Antaras (rogue) | Sarshia (druid) | Mefius (death knight)
  • Yeah, I have my focus assist macro too. This is a bit different. Without targeting anything, if your current target dies, the next shot you do finds any ol' target it can.

    If you're not experiencing it, it must be some setting we can switch. I tried what seemed like the obvious ones but they didn't help.
  • I think it is probably a bug. I'm not running dungeons or raiding, but I occasionally see this undesired target switching when doing dailies. I can't tell if there are conditions that correlate with it.
  • Wow, I remember something like this happening in Karazhan back during TBC. If it's a bug, it's been around forever.
  • Shyloc said:

    Wow, I remember something like this happening in Karazhan back during TBC. If it's a bug, it's been around forever.

    Yeah, somebody in the EJ thread mentions that they also remember it first happening sometime during BC:
    If you have your options set to stop auto attack when switching targets, and you only hit the ability once after the mob you were attacking dies, it does do the "no target selected" error and you don't attack. It'll select a new target, but won't use the ability or be auto attacking. If you're mid-cast when a mob dies, it doesn't just switch to another target either, it'll give you an error and stop. However, if you hit an ability more than once after a mob dies, and most of us are spamming whatever we want to hit next, it will go off, and if it doesn't have a cast time, your Auto Shot will be triggered instantly as well.

    I believe this change came around sometime in BC... Before that, I don't believe it would just find a target for you if you were spamming an ability without a target selected. I've resorted to stopping spamming when a mob's about to die, and being quick to feign as well (but what hunter isn't!).

    Which leads me, unfortunately, to believe that it's not a bug but is instead supposed to be a way to deal with cast queueing and is "working as intended."

    BTW, I linked to the wrong EJ page earlier. Here's the page that the conversation actually starts on.
    Spencer Cross AKA Lurzmog | Balkhmog | Gobhoblin
  • An ability shouldn't be selecting its own target. That is messed up. I don't quite understand how it could be happening either, since any caster I've ever played always has their casting canceled if a target dies mid-cast.
  • I think I've figured out part of the mechanics of this. If you cast any shot without a target selected but with aggressive mobs in your frontal cone, you will automatically target the nearest mob but won't fire. I tried it with crocs in Tol Barad yesterday. With no target selected, I could stand in front of any mob and cast ANY shot (including Kill Shot) and the mob in front of me is automatically targeted but the shot isn't fired. Which means that casting only Kill Shot at the low end of your target's health won't stop you from targeting an unintended mob, and Auto Shot will happily step in to take over for KS and shoot a mob that's not below 20% health. The only solution I can see is what the EJ poster suggested: when the mob is about to die DON'T SPAM ANYTHING.
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    Spencer Cross AKA Lurzmog | Balkhmog | Gobhoblin
  • Read about countermeasure for this problem at Warcraft Hunters Union so check it out if you are interested.

    The method is to use macro such as follows on all of your shots.

    #showtooltip Chimera Shot
    /cast [@target, exists] Chimera Shot

    Sofina (hunter) | Antaras (rogue) | Sarshia (druid) | Mefius (death knight)
  • Awesome, thanks for the pointer Sofi. Here's a link to the specific article in case it falls off the front page.

    This issue just bit me in the ass again last night in Tol Barad Peninsula. I was with a group of mixed Alliance/Horde toons killing Captain Largo, some of whom were PVP flagged. Largo went down faster than I expected and I ended up firing on one of the flagged Alliance players, flagging myself in the process and also resulting in my pet attacking him. The exact same thing happened to me in reverse about a week ago with an Alliance hunter, and I didn't realize until last night that he probably attacked me by mistake.
    Spencer Cross AKA Lurzmog | Balkhmog | Gobhoblin
  • Thanks Sofi. I will put that into action next time i get in there.

  • I don't know how I missed this in the 4.1 patch notes up until now, but thank Crom a fix is imminent!!!!

    Hunter Bug Fixes
    • Hunters will no longer automatically acquire a new target if the current target dies in the middle of a cast.
    • Aimed Shot and Steady Shot should no longer start casting Auto Shot on a new target when the "Stop Auto Attack" option enabled.
    • Auto Shot now automatically turns off until reactivated once Freezing Trap is cast on an enemy player.

    Spencer Cross AKA Lurzmog | Balkhmog | Gobhoblin
  • I actually thought it was easier the other way, I could just spam buttons and get new targets, now I'm having to tab target. boohoo.

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