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  • Hey Nightshifters, where are we at, in terms of raiding readiness? Who's available? Baird and I are two or three weeks out I'd say, gear wise, maybe a little longer. But I've puttered so much I'm starting to consider leveling an alt (the rogue doesn't count), and that's never a good sign. Time to get into dungeons, again.

    Before we start, though, I'd like to propose a change in our normal schedule; would anyone be opposed to midnight-2am/two nights a week, rather than midnight-3am?

    As for the roster -- everyone's welcome. The only requirements are to be ready for the content, ready to raid, and able to stay awake until the end.
  • If you ran on a friday or Saturday night, I would be happy to offer a geared and ready Resto Shaman. Icant commitduring the week.
  • I was just thinking about this myself the other day. Moonbouks is probably close to ready, though I haven't been playing her much. The others are further behind, and if we're starting to seriously consider restarting Nightshift, I'll have to get cracking to get them up to snuff. I haven't been enjoying the druid so much this xpac, and I'm thinking of switching to the shammy as my main.

    As far as 2-hour raid window goes, I have no objection, though I didn't mind the 3-hour version either.

    Do we want to start setting up the times and doing heroics in that window for a couple of weeks, just to get used to the time again? I'd sign up for that. Guild runs are always more fun.
  • I'd be thrilled to rejoin the NightShift again. I can contribute either Dilemma, druid healer, or Runtimerror the mage. I think Bouk's idea of running heroics for a few weeks to get everyone up to speed is a great idea. And a 2 hour stetch is much better for me than 3, I tend to lose focus going for that long so late at night. :)
  • Are we talking server time here?
  • Yeah, server time, so 10pm start for west coast folk.
  • monday, tuesday, weds. are all free for me i can dps as Leon or bring my Drood if this works out
  • I would like to get into playing more - I have been online recently on other servers and feel the need coming back. But playtime is still limited, so I am pretty much fixed as a Friday night/Saturday night person.

    Only Varolokkur is anywhere near close to being geared, though I still have a few more heroics to go before he is raid-worthy. If anyone wants to schedule normal Nightshift time heroic runs on Fri/Sat, I will dust off Varolokkur and provide dots aplenty.
  • Loranaqath is not that far off from raid geared. The time works better for me too.
  • I'm in, I've really been missing the Nightshift. I'm pretty sure Vanyel is raid ready, but if we started with some heroics that'd be great also.
  • I like the idea of running some heroics, first, too. We need to settle on which nights we can run, and we'll be good to go. Sounds like weekends are good for many, but not all, of us. Aside from Leon, are Friday and Saturday bad for anyone else? (Baird and I might need to show up at start time on Fridays, but we can probably swing it.)

  • Hi guys and gals... I used to play this game. Hope to play again in the future. Maybe if I can manage my time better I can actually get to 85 and maybe then I can start getting some gear. Then after that maybe I can get back to raiding... cries in corner.

    Seriously tho, I need to get back in game...

  • Saturday is rarely good for me, and Friday can be iffy. Sadly, those are my worst days. I'll try my best on whatever day we're scheduled, but expect me under 50% on Saturdays.
  • I'm open for pretty much any day. Name the time and place and I'll come hit things for fun and loots.
  • Durthane is getting there... He needs some Heroic time. I liked the old schedule... but can do the other. I am not sure how much can be done in 2 hours...
    I used to care... now I take a pill for that...

    In partnership for an idiot-free America...

    Tanks are the only Class/Spec that makes you fight NPCs and members of your group at the same time.
  • I have some interest in joining you all, but if someone else is super excited or desperate to find a raid, I'd want you to take them over me. But, I miss raiding a bit and always had fun filling in w/Nightshift in the past. I'd rather go on Miyazaki and she is pretty close to raid ready, and has done BH several times, but I'd be down for doing heroics first to get the group ready and working as a unit.

    Any night should work for me, although Saturdays and Tuesdays are not optimal, but I could move things around if need be. 12-2 x2 works infinitely better for me than 12-3, especially on weeknights, and gives us an extra hour to boot, but 12-3 is viable (as long as I remember to keep caffiene on hand for the next day!).
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Hey, all! Let's work on prepping to raid. I think starting with heroics a couple times a week would be good. I'll put something on the calendar for this, and see what we get for signups. Let's start with a Thursday/Saturday schedule.
  • Hey Baird, did you mean to set the time for noon, or midnight? Because right now it's at noon.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Yep. I'd sign up, but it's in the past already. :)

    Actually, I'll probably be a little late tonight - I already had plans with a friend. But he leaves around 12 server anyway, so I should be on after that.
  • I'll be glad to join in on either druid or mage, whichever we end up needing more.
  • Oops. He meant midnight. Sorry about that. We'll probably both log in right around start time; we don't get home with the boys until after 11pm server and need to get them ready for bed and tucked in before logging on.
  • Hm. I thought I posted. Guess not. Just saying I will try to be around for this. Sounds like fun.
  • Guys, I am pulling out of this and withdrawing my bid for a raid slot. I was totally excited when T posted this because I had been thinking of getting back into raiding and I always had fun subbing in with Nightshift in the past. However, as the day went on today, I found myself feeling annoyed that I was "losing my day" because I had to run heroics tonight? That's not a good attitude, and it's also not fair to bring that to the group and to take up a spot for someone who really wants to be there. I ended up thinking a lot about it at work today (for those who don't know, I do NOT work very hard) and I think that for the moment, I am done with PVE altogether, since I am really enjoying my relatively empty plate and my ability to play WoW without any commitments, even if they are awesome raidy fun ones. So, sorry to be all enthusiastic a few days ago, but that is where I am at! You guys are awesome, and I wish you all the best in getting going again, but it's probably best that that happens without me for now.

    BTW, I tried to remove myself from available, but the calendar thinks the event happened this afternoon so it wouldn't let me. I X'd myself for Saturday though.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Hello, and yes, midnight server is what I meant - I will fix Saturday's event on the calendar. Thank you to Moonbouks, Runtimerror, Sofina and Blatsz for running with Tealin and me last night. Wait, is that a 6-man? Despite my extreme noob-ness as a rusty raider (killed the group pulling those darn pygmies when we were heading for the last boss... vigilance?? taunt?? What are those for?), we finished Heroic Lost City. Yay! So thank you for the fun! I look forward to running again, maybe even tonight! We will definitely be on for Saturday.
  • Hey, no problem, Hoff. I was in a similar place the last few months, where I just wanted to do my own thing, so I get it. Forcing it when you're in that mood isn't worth it; the game is supposed to be a relaxing diversion, eh? :)
  • Aye! Thanks for understanding. :)
    a/k/a Victarious
  • I know it has been a while, but i'd like to get into a little raiding. If you guys are putting a nightshift together i could go. just gotta give 3 finals next week and im freeeee! for the summer.
  • I'm game. I'm available Wednesday and Thursdays. Tealin, Baird, Olnir?

    Edit: Oh and Chav... Maybe we can get Moonger. Who else?
    Post edited by Arzozah at 2011-05-29 22:52:16
  • I'll jump on this one. Actually this time too.
  • Durthane can come out and play... Been trying to set up some things for a bit... Noone was signing up... so... I stopped setting them up...
    I used to care... now I take a pill for that...

    In partnership for an idiot-free America...

    Tanks are the only Class/Spec that makes you fight NPCs and members of your group at the same time.
  • I gotta get me some better gear... like ALOT better gear. lolz
  • I'd be willing to tank some heroics for any of you if ya need gear. i don't know my way around ZA so running ZA would take some instruction and patience.
  • When is Nightshift looking to get up and running again?

    I'm taking an extended WOW break as of 10th June - off to Kenya, to see some friends, couple of days back in the UK, then flying out to Ottawa to catch up with cousin for 12 days....so effectively I'm out till 14th July. I've cancelled my 6month revolving subscription as I simply wasn't playing as much as I used to. Not overly inspired by the new content so far, but then alot of that has to do with no raiding - Cata has been far too solo orientated imv.

    I see Blatsz on occasionally - he's been pvp'ing mainly. I think he's up for raiding.......

  • I've gotta do a buch of gearing up. But I think I can be ready by end of June.
  • OK, I was trying to get a healer leveled, but it is going to take too long - I am a little tired with the levelling process. Instead, seeing as I have an 85 warlock who can soon be ready, I think he might be up for some Nightshiftin'.

    It may take me to the end of the month to gear up though - I am still in the early heroic gearing stage (iLVL 335 or something). Would anyone be interested in setting up a tentative raid date somewhere in the start of July I will set the end of the month as a target date to get Varolokkur geared up.

    Also, my times online have been spotty recently, but if anyone wants to run non-troll heroics, and you see me on, please let me know.
  • I was thinkin that the first wednesday in july we could try to get this run going again.

    I'm doing the gearing up thing as well. My average gear level isn't even 333 yet. :( Perhaps we could do some runs to get us all geared up. 5 mans anyone?
    Post edited by Arzozah at 2011-06-14 19:01:46
  • I'm in. First week in July sounds perfect.
  • if it's on wednesday's night, i can occasional dip in if there is room to hear baird screamed "tealin! stop pulling agro and dying".
  • jasminie said:

    if it's on wednesday's night, i can occasional dip in if there is room to hear baird screamed "tealin! stop pulling agro and dying".

    lol, as always Jas, we'd welcome you and maybe even Clef! :)
  • I think I felt that dagger through my heart. Oh wait, it was indigestion.
    I love gnomes.
  • Signed up!
  • 5 signups already! Half way there! Spread the word!
  • I can probably gear up hronk to tank if it comes to that, in the time left. Especially with the patch coming.
  • kewl! Get signed up and we'll sort it out.
  • I am, you poophead!
  • Bumping

    Nightshift needs a few more Night Owls for it's first raid of the Cataclysm expansion. July 6th 11:55pm server time

    Sign Up here!
  • I'm in Ottawa then, sorry. Good luck
  • Signed up on Aria - :o)

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