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How to move in PVP *quickly*
  • I get the feeling there are a lot of questions people might not feel comfortable asking, for fear of coming off too noobish. PVP is reasonably new to me this year and I've noticed things that drive me nuts and/or don't know what to do/how to do it.

    In this case, moving around. You've seen it plenty of times, when enemies bounce around you like rubber bands on springs.

    I found this video that explains keyboard bindings + movement technique (never turning with keyboard, never backing away, etc). Hope it helps.

    BTW, since we can all fly, head up to the DK sanctuary in Eastern Plaguelands. The Boss training dummy is in the CENTER of the room on the second floor (take the pink portal). Very useful to bounce around and practice and much less traffic from all the other cities.

  • Running duels will help with your movement. It's a good drill.
  • Since following this advice, I've been able to survive a LOT longer AND taking down a few people in the process.

  • I do use mouse turning but hadn't thought of remapping the strafe keys (other than onto my mouse buttons (4&5 I think)). I may have to try that and see how it works.

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