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On stage with Colinator and Diegoman at IDEO Future Forward
  • IDEO

    On stage at IDEO Future Forward with Colinator and Diegoman showing WoW.
    Post edited by Kastang at 2011-11-30 09:20:20
  • Very cool! IDEO is an amazing group to work with, and when combined with We Know, awesome overload!
  • I like that you're repping WoW and WK at business type things! What is IDEO, though? What were you guys up to at this obviously awesome meeting?
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Diego and Colin work at IDEO. I was invited to speak at their partners conference about... whatever. We talked about WoW and how it was a great metaphor and tool for learning about productivity. *cough*

    From Wikipedia: "IDEO has worked on thousands of projects for a large number of clients in the consumer, computer, medical, furniture, toy, office and automotive industries. Notable examples are Apple's first mouse, Microsoft's second mouse, the Palm V PDA, and Steelcase's Leap chair."

  • Cool.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Joi - would you mind moving this to the Front Page post category? It would look awesome on our homepage. :)
  • that was super fun! thanks for coming Joi, you rock.
  • Sure Runtime! ;-)
  • You're a sweetie - thanks! :)

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