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Learning About Battlegrounds?
  • Hey peeps. So, I've been getting more into PVP lately, but this is a new thing for me and I don't know much about it. One thing in particular is that I don't know a lot of the battlegrounds. Specifically, I don't know their layouts, sizes (in terms of players to a team), win conditions, strategies, tricks...well, I guess not much of anything! I was wondering if anyone could recommend to me a site online where I could read about each BG and learn what I am supposed to be doing and how to do it well.

    Thanks in advance!
    a/k/a Victarious
  • The best general PvP site is Arena Junkies. There is a lot of good info on the forums there. I'm headed to bed at the moment, but I'd love to help in any way I can. Feel free to hit me up in game. :)
  • Don't listen to Val, he claims you win Warsong Gulch by camping the Lumber Mill.
  • Thank you, Val, I've stopped by Arena Junkies a couple times but never looked at much in depth there. I appreciate the advice and the offer.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • For a quick rundown and objectives for each battleground, go to
    Wowhead - Battlegrounds
    and read the first few comments for each one.

    For a more in-depth analysis this Wowwiki page is most helpful.
  • Thanks RTE!
    a/k/a Victarious
  • In addition to the great resources posted above, I'd say get a bit of pvp gear and just get in there and starting seeing it.

    There are really only a few models of the bgs. This is by far over simplified but hopefully enough summary info to at least get you in the game.

    Capture the flag
    Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks
    Basically each side has a flag, the point is to pick up the enemy flag and bring it back to your own base. You get credit for it when you place the enemy flag on top of your own flag spot while they are NOT carrying our flag, that is the trick since often both sides have each others flag and you have to decide how to defend your carrier while killing theirs. A team wins when they get 3 flags returned. A good strategy here is either to defend the flag carrier or attack the enemy flag carrier. Try to do this while coordinated with others if possible. I wouldnt' recommend capturing the flag yourself until you get a better feel for what's going on.

    Capture and defend bases
    Arathi Basic, Battle for Gilneas and Eye of the storm are all based on the premise that you must capture and defend more bases than your enemy. There are some nuances like EotS also has a flag you can pick up and return to one of your owned bases for extra points but the basic gist is similar through out while the number of bases varies from between 3-5 depending on the bg. A team wins when they get max "resources", since resources come from holding a base, the more bases you hold than your enemy the better.

    All others
    Alterac Valley, Isle of Conquest and Strand of the Ancients
    All have slightly more complicated strategies, AV and IoC both are about capturing bases/towers and if you can defeat the enemies main guy. In this one just go in for a while and follow others, you'll start to get the hang of it.

    For Strand of the Ancients there are 2 rounds, one where you are defending and one where you are attacking. The point is that whoever is attacking needs to get to this relic at the very top of the hill. It is behind several gates that need to be destroyed. Critical here is to protect the siege engines while you're attacking and destroy siege engines when defending. If you do nothing else but this when you first go in you'll get the general idea and can start reading on more strats like the bombs you can plant etc. Whoever gets the relic fastest between the two rounds wins (or one side may not get it at all and then they'd lose). If both sides do not get it I believe its a draw but can't recall for sure.
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    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal
  • Yay Jexii! Thanks for the write-up. I'm always nervous to just go out there, because I don't know what to do. That's the same way it was for me with raiding, so I guess it's some sort of character flaw. Anyway, I always thought that the mechanics for most were more complex than the way you've laid them out, so it's nice to know that it's not so big and scary.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Hoff said:

    Yay Jexii! Thanks for the write-up. I'm always nervous to just go out there, because I don't know what to do.

    Playing with alliance, you will be in good company. 1/2 the people playing out there have no idea what they are doing either nor do they even care, so it seems. /sigh :)

    Wowpedia also has some good writeups on Bgs and the objectives, etc. http://www.wowpedia.org/Battleground
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  • Thanks Al. I might not know but I definitely care, so at least I got that goin'.
    a/k/a Victarious

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