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Rage, Special Attacks, and the Expertise Cap
  • I can't find the answer to this online, not on EJ, Wowhead, or Wowpedia. So I figured I would ask here.

    As it stands now, when a warrior misses a white hit, he/she does not gain any rage. However, a warrior will gain the standard amount of rage on a dodged white hit. My question, then, is how rage is handled on a dodged "yellow" or special attack. Does the warrior lose the rage as they normally would, having spent it to make the attack? Or, do they keep all or some of the rage?

    There's a lot of chatter among Arms warriors especially about the relative value of expertise. This is something I can likely test for myself with little trouble; however, I was wondering if anyone had any insight. I would like to understand the mechanics, so I can make my own choices WRT stat weights, rather than rely on online guides.

    If no one answers, I'll post my own test results for future reference.

    Thanks all!
    a/k/a Victarious
  • From wowwiki on parry:

    "When a warrior's special attack is parried, he does not lose the rage cost associated with that spell (even though the spell fails). Miss, dodge, or block events will consume the full rage cost when the spell fails."
  • Snap, I didn't think to look at parry for a second. Thanks, Yroa.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Preliminary testing tonight (a couple ten-minute rounds at 10 and 26 expertise each) indicate expertise capping as DPS gain. Will run more in the coming days, if anyone cares. If not, please ignore.

    It should be noted that both the official forum and EJ list stat weightings at crit > mastery > haste. It's just expertise that seems to be in question, so that's what I'll be testing.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • I'm assuming that hit and expertise are a given; that you need to cap them so they aren't listed in that priority section.
  • You know what happens when you assume...

    Currently, EJ doesn't list capping expertise as a necessity. They're ranking it below crit (and of course hit to cap), and on par with mastery. The idea is that since dodges proc Overpower, and OP has like an 800% crit chance and can't be dodged/blocked/parried, getting dodged has less negative effect than it does for other melee classes. This is actually an idea that I also saw recommended in Wrath, and it may have been around before then, but that's before my time.

    What I saw was a several hundred DPS loss. I would attribute this to two factors. One, a dodged special attack costs not only the damage, but the associated buff or debuff. Two, with the advent of Colossus Smash on random proc, Arms is often full on GCDs for long stretches, and the extra OPs go to waste.

    Still, it's a novel idea. Certainly, if there were separate "white" and "yellow" expertise soft caps, Arms would get very little benefit from going past the yellow cap.

    The guide on the official WoW forums, as well as a very nice one someone just posted to Wowhead, both list expertise capping as a priority. My limited testing seems to concur.

    EDIT: What I meant in the above is that crit, mastery and haste were universally ranked in that order. EJ places expertise below crit; the others place it above.
    Post edited by Hoff at 2010-12-30 15:15:11
    a/k/a Victarious

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