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Vanilla - Nostalrius
  • I've been playing horde on Nostalrius. We are lacking some heals and some ranged dps for our MC slots and I remember some of you from back in the day. I remember playing BC and Wrath with you all.

    On the PvE server

    Guildname: Paradox

    GM: Muggle

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  • I am playing on Kronos. Amazing bug free server, never seen any private server like it!

    How is Nost? Are you still playing?
  • well...Nost has been great until the other day. It is being shut down now by blizz despite it not doing any monetary stuff beyond donations for hardware.

    My guild has our last raid tonight as the server will cease to exist on the 10th. We have downed Chrom twice now. We had our first progressions on Nef last week and got to 31%. We are going all out tonight headed for Nef. Maybe i'll check out Kronos. What faction and character name do you have?

    This has been making me laugh all day though:


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