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We Know War - Donations
  • Hi, all (of you who check the forums):

    1) Just a reminder that I think it's good to donate about as much as you receive. I try to do that, hope we all do.

    2) A plea: could we be more flexible with regard to requests for troops?

    3) War donations: similarly...could we be a little more flexible?

    My own two cents on numbers 2 and 3:

    Everyone is at a different level, but still wants to contribute. Everyone has their own pet attack/defense strat, and so may not have the troops to fit every strategy (e.g. archers, max level X, etc.). I feel like the requests are getting more and more specific and the responses to donations that don't precisely fit are getting more and more ornery. Gift horses and all that.

    Let's go win today!

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