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Vanilla WOW 1.12 "The Rebirth"
  • Just wanted to throw a shout out there to anyone that may be interested.

    I have started playing on a vanilla wow server (if only Blizzard was offering one, I would play on it!). It found at: www.therebirth.net

    It's super fun. It is a pvp server. I have a horde priest at level 25 at the moment. Really loving the nostalgia, enjoying taking my time doing lore and just remembering the world in general.

    Anyway, just wanted to invite any and all who are looking for that experience again. Would love to see you in game!

  • :)

    hehe did that myself a while back. Slip into bad habits of playing for hours on end to get mats to raid ZG amd MC just as we did back in plain vanilla all those years ago.

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