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Stormhammer Brigade Raffle for Child's Play
  • Alternate title: Every day I'm rafflin' ...

    Yesterday I was inspired to donate my Khador Warmachine army, The Stormhammer Brigade, to a raffle to benefit the charity Child's Play. The army is internet-famous, in that it was one of the first (if not the first, I honestly forget lol) complete army to be converted to tournament-legal rules. The army's worth over $1150 bare-bones, and with the mods I did to it, and paint jobs .... let's just say I did a LOT of work, and probably tacked on more than the army cost in parts :) Hell, you even get half a novel with it in the fluff I wrote for them :P

    The Blog for the Raffle itself!

    Ten bucks gets you the chance to win one of the all-time unique armies of Warmachine, and it all goes to the kids :D

    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • More raffle prizes added! In addition to the following, which RFP was including already:

    "Lieutenant Allison Jakes (Unassembled Kickstarter Exclusive Model)
    Gastone Crosse (Unassembled Kickstarter Exclusive Model)
    Kovnik Andrei Malakov (Unassembled Kickstarter Exclusive Model)
    Aiakos, Scourge of the Meredius (Unassembled Kickstarter Exclusive Model)
    Initiate Tristan Durant (Unassembled Kickstarter Exclusive Model)
    Guest Host spot on Removed From Play
    Guest Host spot on RFP: Into The Arena
    Guest Host spot on RFP: Crowd Control"

    There is now this!

    "We have an additional prize to add in. One lucky winner will recieve collosal or gargantuan of thier choosing, custom Battlefoam for it and it will be painted for that winner by Michael Plummer the Convention Coordinator for Privateer Press!"

    These are all separate raffle ticket prizes, and since you can enter multiple times you can win multiple times :D
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  • A special add-on! If we hit $1500 in donations by midnight PST Friday, I'll also convert and paint mounted and unmounted Fenris as a bonus solo for the army :D
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  • We busted through the goal during the night! Right now, the donations are sitting at $1,735.09!

    So there's Fenris added to my workload ;D

    It was suggested I add the unmounted Drakhun as another stretch goal, but first I need to make sure that I can finish the work tasked to me so far ... and that I can find the spare parts I need in the bitz bin of doom :P
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  • We just passed the $2000 mark, and got on Tabletop Gaming News!

    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • Hmm, might have to come up with something special for the 5k mark after all ...

    Woke up to $2737.17 in donations! Gina says she imagines the army doing the Party Rock dance, showing off their moves for their new owner, wherever he or she is. Every day they're raffling

    Philosophical question of the day: "How much focus do you have to give to a warjack to make it Party Rock?"?

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  • The chintacle can sense fear.
  • Up to $3300 in donations!

    We are no longer accepting raffle entries via the RFP paypal. Please email raffle@removedfromplay.com for instructions to donate online.

    Working hard on Sylys and Fenris, hoping to have pictures of Sylys up later today :)
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  • Reposted from RFP's Facebook:

    """Stormhammer Update!

    We have raised over $4,000 for Child's Play! But we aren't ready to call it just yet.

    Stretch Goal $4,500: If we pass $4,500 by noon PST on Sunday the 18th...We will record a one shot episode of Removed From Play - Thunder Strike! With a custom intro featuring the winner of the Stormhammer Brigade! Additionally we will have the winner on as a host and Timothy Black aka Mercykiller providing background on the army, painting and moding tips. But wait... There is more...Veteran Khador Player Tom Hoffman (He has been playing Khador for nearly ten years) will join us for personal advice on building lists and tips for playing the army! One more thing... Susan will sing Thunderstruck by AC/DC!

    This sounds like a Blast! Guess what? There. Is. More.

    Stretch Goal $5,000: If we pass the 5k mark by sunday at noon PST... RFP will donate Butcher3 and the limited release Khador Terrain piece from the Collector's set to the winner. Yep, you are right. Tim will run Butcher3 and the Terrain piece through the Stormhammerification machine that is his mind. Still more...The winner will get to customize Butcher3 with his preferences. Mohawk? How many tesla coils? Should Lola be double bladed? Tim will bring your vision of Stormhammer Butcher to LIFE!
    Check out the army and the Raffle: http://wp.me/p1lQbh-57R

    And all you have to do is donate to Child's Play through www.thegauntlet.me and add RFP as the team you are supporting! Forward the reciept to Raffle@removedfromplay.com and I will enter you in the raffle!

    ~Omnus drops the mic and walks away~"""

    That's right, folks, a once-ever offer for hitting the 5k mark: I will convert the limited edition Butcher3 model, argusii (arguses? Argudinklings? bananramma-ding-dong dogs?), and terrain to the winner's specification to match the rest of the Stormhammer. And the winner gets to podcast with me and get inside the rotted pumpkin of my head to find out what the hell I was thinking, why, and how to get the best restraining orders against folks like me :P
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  • That's pretty damn awesome. Congrats!
  • And the results are in! Altogether, thanks to your charity and awesomeness, we raised $5,249 for Child's Play and the kids :) Susan and Omnus smack talked the other teams, and in a fit of fury Paizo, Bungie, and the rest rose to the challenge, bringing in over $25,000 for Child's Play overall! I got to meet a lot of great people, rub elbows with Tycho the fabulous, met the owner of Card Kingdom, and generally get a whole "oh garsh" red-faced feeling as people kept giving me compliments. The adulation, it feeds my massive ego :D

    I know, you just really want to know who won what :p

    And the winners are:

    Gastone - Kevin Austin
    Tristan - Tong Teck Guan
    Jakes - Eamon Sullivan
    Andrei - Nathan Chemsky-Higgins
    Aiakos - Benjamin Hofer
    RFP Prime - Ryan Zechel
    ITA - Kit Tull
    Crowd Control - Chadi Faraj
    Collosal/Gargantuan - Kevin Tobin

    And the winner of the Stormhammer Brigade is ...

    Jason Collis!

    Thank you everyone for making this a hell of a raffle, and for providing such an outpouring of support for the charity, and for making me blush at how much the Stormhammer managed to make for the kids!
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