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Attack Strategies
  • Let's share and discuss different attack strategies for the next war. What troops to use, when, etc.
  • One thing I learned watching JexiiG attack replay was to use some troops as a decoy to draw the castle troops to one side of the village, if possible, and then do main attack from the other side.
  • Was rewatching some of those as well. Not to mention prep work. One thing that wasn't clear up front is that donating to a war base is strictly for defense of the base, while donating during attack day can be used for regular attacks. So, one thing that would be good would be to specify that you're asking for attack troops for clan war. I didn't ask for any troops up front so didn't have anything extra to attack with :P.
  • Agreed! I hadn't thought of that either. Getting high power attack troops in my village castle (not war base castle) will help when attacking.
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  • One thing that was effective for our enemy was that one lower level village had a King guy (what's the name of that???). Good idea to have higher ups give lower levels REALLY high defenses.
  • A few things:
    - Let the lower levels attack first, work up from there. That way higher levels can attack the ones they can likely still get 3 stars from but not "steal" the lower villages from the lower levels
    - I will donate level 3 dragons or level 6 archers to defense. Let me know if you have a preference! Or i have level 6 giants, witches, hog riders and more.
    - Tips for battling:
    - draw out the clan castle troops (as sakushi mentioned)
    - draw out the king or queen if they have one and kill that
    - a battle option if you're using healers/dragons or balloons: use lightning spell to take out air defense and use dragons or healers to attack after that is done
    - or use other spells like rage and healing (spells make a big difference!)
    - watch for open 2x2 areas, there are likely hidden teslas, springs, traps etc. Also, areas that look like they might be funneling you (open gaps in walls and stuff) are likely traps. Use cheap troops to trigger traps (goblins or barbarians). Goblins are also fast enough they will trigger the trap and often not be affected by it

    A website with some interesting different strategies to try: Attack Strategies
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