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What's everyone up to?
  • Hi! I'm teaching English now for my first semester, and I'm not playing Warcraft currently. I've been taunting Hronk on IM for 37 days in a row. What are *you* up to?
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  • Just finished my latest book, The Divine Infection, last week, and will be trawling for an agent now (after completing the dread synopsis /shudder). After that it's a foray into steamsmut for a paycheck under a pseudonym (my luck that'll be where my bread is buttered, so to speak).

    Oh, and we're moving from Sacramento to Seattle in a month and change with no jobs or prospects, leaving behind careers and such. Cause that's how we roll :)

    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • I miss all you guys!
    Talking to Hronk daily? Wow!
    I'm working, been biking a lot, finihshing up my remodel finally!
    I'm not sure when I'll be playing WoW again, I'm excited about wildstar.

    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal
  • Hronk uses IM? I didn't know he was that technically advanced.
  • Lol, Hronk has probably written IM clients, Bats. :)
    I'm not playing WoW right now either, went back to my first love, a 2D game called Tibia and have a level 145 knight named Lady Parody, and Force of Destiny, a level 41 druid on the game world Pacera. I too am looking forward to Wildstar and hopefully playing it together with you all.
  • Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that a Facebook game has me far more by the scruff of the neck than WoW. Go figure ... guess those 2Ds ain't dead yet for any of us :P
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • Clash of Clans! With Jexii, et al. I'm not as jazzed about Wildstar as everyone else seems to be, but if that's where everyone ends up I'll probably give it a go (assuming I can get Bootcamp running). Personally, I'm more excited about Elder Scrolls.

    Aside from gaming, nothing interesting. Was considering going to law school but after some research determined that it probably wasn't my best choice. Instead, I'm talking about buying a bar with some friends.

    Good luck with the move, Maloch. I have some friends in Seattle. It's a great town.
    Spencer Cross AKA Lurzmog | Balkhmog | Gobhoblin
  • I haven't played a game in months, kinda missing it but I'm not sure what I feel like picking up. Maybe Civ, maybe another MMO. I've been busy with work and also have been able to spend lots of time with the family this summer (we're taking our oldest daughter Emily to college on Saturday, very exciting!), cycling a lot, I rode something called a brevet series this summer. And, I've been doing more reading. It will certainly be fun when a game comes along that we all find interesting and can join up together.

    Hey Mal, I get to Seattle every so often, after you settle down I'll ping you on some future visit!
  • Wildstar looks like it has potential, but im not making the same mistake i made with star wars, plus its NCsoft, not a fan of them either, ill wait and see what others think when its released
  • You waited to see what people thought about star wars....you bought it, played it for about 2 weeks, and then you were done....Nice thinking =)
  • I am not gaming too much now - a bit of Rift at times, Clash of Clans, a bit of Marvel Avengers: Alliance or Stormfall on FB. I am waiting for WildStar mostly. I got a new job so will also be moving to the Seattle area sometime around the middle of next month. Hopefully the new job will allow time for more hobbies: ice hockey, martial arts, reading, and (just maybe) some gaming.
  • Just starting to get into Dota2 here. Right now, I'm just playing against bots, since the game is brutal on noobs and I'm not ready to play with people who will lose due to me sucking. My handle on Steam is Hardcase if anyone needs to teammate to feed the other team. :)

    Might check out Wildstar whenever it comes out, but I'm looking forward to EQN: Landmark and later on, EQN itself.
  • Busy with lots of stuff about the house and playing Wow and Clash of Clans. Doing level 80 raiding with iToons - we started with level 60 raiding and worked our way up. I've been running a lock called Goldieslock (and I was interviewed for this week's sounder on Convert To Raid. I'll share the link once the show happens.) I have also been raiding on a level 90 'lock also named Goldieslock. (I know, so creative in the naming.) Lately I've been pugging on Aerie Peak, where CTR's raiding guild(s) are but I may be on a 25 man team once I get back from all the Jewish holidays. (Didn't want to sing up and then miss 3 out of 4 weeks.) I got to join in on their Durumu and Dark Animus kills and if I'm lucky I'll be able to squeeze in next week.

    I have gotten boatloads of other games but I've been doing a serious amount of work at home and with my non profit so between that and WoW I haven't been that active on steam, psn, xbox live, or others (got the Origin Humble bundle).

    Oh but I have been streaming on Twitch.tv. I've highlighted our level 80 Yogg kill (sorry no sound) and an attempt on Algalon. I'll likely stream my continued attempts on green fire as well. twitch.tv/goldiekatsu if you are so inclined.
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  • I play League. SN: SlabsSquatthrust. Note the caps!
  • Clash of Titans is for children as are all FB games! *points at Varo and does a little dance* Real nerds play League. Badly. SN is Hronk.

    I'm in the WK Steam group (tangra) so the joints I'm stinking up can be seen there.

    Shyloc, DOTA will make you listen to truly awful Swedish music. Is that what you want?

    I thought not.

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  • League as in League of Legends? Or Little League?
  • hronk said:

    Clash of Titans is for children as are all FB games!

    Not sure what "Clash of Titans" is, but I'm playing Clash of Clans which is an iOS game.
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    Spencer Cross AKA Lurzmog | Balkhmog | Gobhoblin
  • Batseba said:

    League as in League of Legends? Or Little League?

  • Neverwinter... having a ball... Wildstar looks good... but I am really lookin to Elder Scrolls. Lookin forward to reading this new book, Mal... Give us an idea what it is about...
    I used to care... now I take a pill for that...

    In partnership for an idiot-free America...

    Tanks are the only Class/Spec that makes you fight NPCs and members of your group at the same time.
  • Finished the synopsis and cover letter, got a submission to one agent already ... as for what it's about, lemme go find the one sentence blurb I tossed on the cover letter ...

    "The Divine Infection is a fantasy-steampunk tale of how a parasite, twisted by the infectious magic plaguing the land, is forced to put aside his petty crusade for vengeance to work with the inquisitor that murdered his family in an attempt to save his world from the birth of a new god."

    Gritty undertone of course :) But yeah, a first-person novel from the POV of a tainted parasite lol.
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • How's Warcraft and eitrigg lately? Got a job now, so I can afford subscription again if its worth playing!
  • I still like Warcraft. Not spending much time, except for pet battles. Half of my toons I moved to a Horde guild on Vek'nilash (with Lucifius). A far more lively guild with a lot of Canadians and import Europeans. Good fun.
  • Hey guys! Good to read from all of y'all! Congrats on the job Val! I haven't been on in a couple months either. I tried to level a gnome rogue on Illidan-Horde and got burned out!

    Taking a break from MMOs right now, probably until Wildstar comes out! I have been playing a little MTG : Online - Blue/White control deck!

    I have been blogging about my daughter : abugslittlethings.weebly.com if anybody wants to check it out, and been listening to a lot of electronica!

    Might try Clash of Clans! What is it about?
  • Clash of Clans is fun! Its a defense/attack game. Its slower paced, you build something, wait for a while, come back and see it built or grow your army, wait for it to form, come back and attack something. Its on iOS only (ipad, iphone).

    There are a bunch of us now. Its a fun way to have something ot do in spare moments but not be all consuming for an evening.

    You do have to play long enough to build your clan castle before joining the clan (I don't think this takes too long). But search for We Know, and its the We Know with Joi as the Clan Leader. And its free to play. You can pay to speed things up if you want but completely not necessary.

    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal
  • Found it! Building my castle!
  • Between school, work, and enjoying the sun before the long winter sets in, a few spare moments are all I seem to have.. Checking out Clash of Clans as well..:)
  • I can't wait to see you both on CoC!

    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal

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