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Just dropping by......
  • Just popping by to see how you all are..Been a strange 18 months....
    World is a changing rapidly. Much for the worse imo.

    Hope MoP is keeping you all busy....

    Tis strange to not be getting up at 6am for a raid...:)

    How are the mighty Nightshift We Knowers Arz, Bouks, B & T? (Baird and Tealin for the newcomers)

    Hope you are are all well.....
  • Hey Chav. Agreed about the world. Was just thinking about you and Arz, the other day. Miss you guys. I miss Bouks, too, but he and Frisia are still around, so I have only myself to blame for lack of social outreach. Puttering doesn't lend itself to group activities.

    Our playing is pretty sporadic--pets, gardens, fishing, and other assorted silly stuff to keep us busy for an hour or two. It's like being lvl 59, again. Baird and I drew it out for a year. Lvl 90 is much the same. It's fun, though. I love the variety of ways in which to waste spend time. :)

    How's the remodeling and gardening going out in the real world?
  • CHAV!!

    Guess I missed something, but it sounds shitty for you. hope it improves, whatever it is. If nothing else, I think I'm moving again in a few months.

    So not to worry, I will promise to have a total emotional breakdown and take the heat off ya. i don't check email but if you get in deep shit and need a place to hide I'll be at 3027985626 by july or so. You can keep your terrorist headquarters there for a week or two if you need.


    JK but u can call if you need help on the states eastcoast. Extra space and could use some help with carpentry. easy shit. I'm not getting out of bed but you can punch me and I won't notice or care. Hope yer good, man.

    ps they're called 'b and t' now? you know they're Furries right?

    Steve again
    Post edited by Labatt at 2013-05-29 05:06:52
  • /wave to Chav /slap
  • Hey Chav! Good to hear from you. Hope all's well with you, amid the tough times on your side of the pond.

    Frisia and I are well, and I'm still playing, though in fits and starts at the moment. I expect a busy summer with light playtime, and resuming more play in the fall.

    Sadly, Nightshift is no longer a thing. LFR seems to be enough to let us see the content, and there isn't critical mass for a group to do it up the old way. I miss the hangout time with the great folks, but can't say that I miss trying to fill the last spot on a Monday night.
  • Tealin said:

    Agreed about the world

    Hey, that's, like, just your opinion, man/furrie.

  • @Tealin
    Busy is great - life outside WOW is how it should be. In game merely a distraction :)
    Good to hear you are all doing well. On the gardening front still plenty to do although the Bees are in fine fettle this year (finally), and am hoping for a decent strawberry/apple and raspberry harvest.

    Moving again? So soon? life is not too bad but times are harsh for many. More a "personal hardship" thing, than the run of the mill stuff. Can't complain too much as things are alot worse for many.

    If I call "3027985626" who will I get - that's assuming I get the correct area code to begin with! Best not tell too many - people are eavesdropping or so I hear. When you say terrorist headquarters - do you mean the HQ of the People's Front of Judaea or the Judean people's Front? Perhaps just drop the use of the word terrorist and I can slink into the US un noticed! :)

    Carpentry not really my thing I'm a dab hand with a paintbrush though!

    @jas...hehehe i did miss the slaps - I'm that kinda guy :)

    Glad to hear you and Fris are doing well. Shame that Nightshift are no more. I blame that shifty 5 star michelin chef like Rogue we used to employ!!!! Is he still around. went by he name of Blatsz......

    Have to say raiding Karazan - that was superb fun :) Ah the old days.

    Hoping to make it over to the US again at some point.

    Ultimate goal is to relocate. South Carolina or something similar. At some point in the future. :)

    Till then - best wishes to you all in the interim.........:)

  • If you're gonna do a Carolina, go North. Trust me. Charleston is nice, though, and Gaffney has a giant peach ass water tower. But...NC is better. :P
  • Miss you and all the old Nightshift crew, Chav. Hope life's treating you well. :)

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