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What's your favorite class to tank with right now?
  • Just curious what everyone's favorite tank class is right now. More concerned with "fun to play" than how good they are. If you only have one tanking class, I'd love to hear your opinion, and if you have more than one, I'm interested which you like best! I have all but monk at 85+ and I'm trying to decide which to level in tanking form. I am leaning one way, but the guild's input is always appreciated!
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Monk tanking is the most fun right now.
  • Also, beer. It's just like irl tanking at the bar!
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  • Depends a little bit on how far you want to take your tank. I've only got my warrior and dk to 90, out of my tank-capable toons. Somewhat subjective stuff:


    Found the dk more fun for this, more aoe buttons and the health-regeneration mechanic made questing-as-tank a reasonable and very fast thing to do, especially if you picked the 'kill a million of X' type quests. No amount of class mechanics fun, though, can make up for the massive drudgery that is dungeon-tanking to 90, especially that several-level stretch where there is simply no point to any other dungeon than Mogushan Temple. That just becomes unpleasant after a while.

    L90H Dungeoning:

    Preferred the dk, enjoyed the warrior as well - the changes to all tanking classes to emphasize 'active mitigation' over 'passive mitigation/avoidance' means there are plenty of buttons to push. And since tanks are now meaningful contributors to dps, there's always chasing the meters. The trouble is this content does not last long - its difficulty is very low and you start steamrolling it well before you outgear it. Add to that the abundance of players in LFR and up gear, you'll probably be steamrolling it when you first hit it in your 450s. At that point, it's boring and tanking class mechanics end up, again, not making up for it.

    Raid tanking:

    The big change here is that tanks are far more involved in the mechanics of the encounter than before (greater requirements on mobility, on awareness of the other tank, on encounter-specific special-abilities or target-tracking) - pretty much from the the first fight in lowly MV. The penalty for tank encounter-mechanic mistakes are also quite severe - typically a wipe. I think Blizzard's expectation is that that's the source of the challenge and the fun rather than the class mechanics. There's a sprinkling of single-tank encounters in there as well so on top of everything else, a decent OT, at least, needs a dps spec, dps gear, knowledge of the encounter from an mdps perspective, etc. If you go that way, chances are class mechanics aren't going to be that big of a deal in terms of fun, unless you really, really love one kind of tank or really really hate another.

    Which way are you leaning, out of curiosity?
  • Paladin, only because that is what I was enjoying the most at the end of Cataclysm. I'm not married to it. I've played around a very little bit with my warrior, but with the MoP changes, I do prefer paladin, between the sword-and-board classes. I don't think they're BAD changes, necessarily -- I just don't care for them.

    At this point, I'm not really interested in regular raiding, as I've been doing that for years, and I also find myself out more with more of an irregular social schedule, making the commitment difficult. Looking at questing as a tank, more than dungeon leveling, but then also running the occasional 5-man and LFR group at 90, as well as soloing some old stuff. I'll likely end up with a tank spec on all the kids, but was just wondering what people enjoyed the most.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • I think if you're liking it in the mid-80s, you'll probably keep liking it at 90, especially as a quester. Despite the homgenization of classes, it's still a solid AoE tank, laden with plate. You can't snuff the rooster/paladin!

    The only thing I'd say is I think the transition from 5 to LFR is actually one of the more difficult things for a tank to do, in game. You're stuck there with 24 strangers and the expectation is that you get it right, without much support.
  • I found that for some of the LFR I ran it first in DPS spec just to get a feel for the fights. This won't help with all fights, but it will help with most.

    Also Fat Boss guides (video) and Icy Veins (website) are nice to watch/read. If you know the basics of tanking though most of the fights are pretty grockable for LFR with a brief scan.

    That doesn't answer the "most fun tank" question, but then I've only leveled one tank, Zurena, so my answer is of course, Warrior. The mitigation spells are fun, the AOE threat is easy, and with vengeance the dps is nice.
  • I would say all of them at the moment are fun and all have their annoyances, Monk being the new hotness is probably the most fun at the moment.

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