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  • Anybody actually seriously interested in trying this?

    It don't take money, it don't take fame, don't take a credit card to ride this train.

    It also, conveniently, comes with next to no rewards.

    So I'm looking for some idiots. Message me if you are one!
  • I'll message you! I just saw that part.
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    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal
  • So that makes it two. Any other takers?

  • Pick me. Pick me. on fix though
  • I'm that kind of idiot too - I've been wanting to try this. I can heal or rdps on Starbouks or mdps on Bouks, as needed. I'd have to l2tank again if you wanted that.
  • So this is more or less what we're looking at.


    People who were kind enough to sign up, please list the classes and spec of the 463+ toons you have available to bring.

    At this point we might be a little short a tank, which is not an entirely terminal problem.
  • At the moment, I have:
    Starbouks: shaman, resto/elemental, fully 463+ geared & ready. Sadly, we have too many shammies already.
    Bouks: warrior, arms now also fully geared, prot gear is mediocre.
    Jyhandt: holy paladin, now also fully geared.

    Notes: If you want me to tank, I'll need to change my emphasis for Bouks, grind the dungeons for a full tank set, and relearn to tank - prot's a bit different now from how it was at the very start of Wrath, which was the last time I tanked more than a seasonal boss. It would take me a couple of weeks of concentrating on that before I was likely to be geared up for it.

    Also, Jyhandt has a Ret spec, but it's less geared and you don't want that anyway - Bouks is definitely stronger if you're willing to bring melee dps. I suppose I could give Jyhandt a prot spec, but I'd have to start gearing from scratch.

    Edited to update Bouks & Jyhandt to fully geared state.
    Post edited by Bouks at 2013-02-19 15:29:59
  • We may have a tank. I mentioned this to Qat (Frisia/Loranaqath), who's now back on her original main, Qappa, a (formerly Tauren, now Worgen) bear druid and is at least 463 on all but 1 slot (a trinket). She was interested, and enjoys pulling fast. :)
    Post edited by Bouks at 2013-02-12 16:00:17
  • Let's wait a little bit for the patch to blow over and take it from there. If nothing else, it will expand the base of players and alts above 463.

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