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Alison and Jump Rope for Heart
  • Alison, my lovely 11 year old daughter, wants to raise $1,000 for her school's annual jump rope for heart. She came home today with the form and told me she is doing it in honor of her father (fellow guildie Jason) since he has had a heart attack in the past. I am so proud of her and her drive to help others (our motto is "no matter how little we have someone has less")that I made her a webpage here so people can donate to her cause. Oh and you can get a receipt for taxes...:P

    Please help me make her dream a reality!
    Gnomes need love too!
  • Very awesome, wish I could do more. Good for her and good luck to her!
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Thank you!!! :)
    Gnomes need love too!

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