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For Pets Only
  • Thought it might be fun to see pics of everyone's pets in a thread by itself.
  • Oliver
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  • Your dogs are gorgeous!
  • Post edited by Valisa at 2013-01-10 22:17:06
  • Ok sorry for so many, but its hard to pick just a couple!

    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal
  • wow, you guys have some nice lookin animals. Im Jelly.

    The hairless one is an awesome Kitler too.
  • Yay furry babies!

    Also need to include Daisey since yesterday was 3 years since she passed away :(
    Post edited by Clef at 2013-01-11 12:05:20
    I love gnomes.

  • I have also fostered some chimps!
  • It's not 'fostering' when it's your own family, Val.
  • Hey, I'm proud of my family. Uncle Stinky placed 2nd in the regional poop throw competition!
  • I was thinking of an appropriate response to Val's family picture, but I think Hronk hit the nail right on the head.
    I love gnomes.
  • Gali's are cute with how the 2nd one almost seems like a blend of the 1st and 3rd (sandi noticed this first). Very cute!

    Val, you have great photos of your pretty pup (as always).

    Clef, I love how yours get to put to work with the back pack, great call!

    Val's family photo, just perfect!

    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal
  • Yeah she gets to carry her own food and water when she goes hiking, and she loves hiking. Allows her to jump into streams with wild abandon and say hi to bears, whether I really want her to do that or not.
    I love gnomes.
  • Ok... how do I put up pics... ?
    I used to care... now I take a pill for that...

    In partnership for an idiot-free America...

    Tanks are the only Class/Spec that makes you fight NPCs and members of your group at the same time.
  • Also Durthane, if you need a place to upload your pics, you can click on the We Know Flikr (the grey button with 2 dots) at the bottom right of the page.
  • Here is Ember by a Siberian Elm weed:

    And, because it has a funny story - here is here "Rep Picking" picture - probably not the best photo/photoshop but cute anyway:
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