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New Raid Group - fog lights
  • Hey all

    After some discussions, I'm going to start up a raid group for Mon / Tues nights. 7:30-10:30 ST.
    I've heard from Jexxi that there's some interest in a second group and since I don't want to drop guild looking for a raid spot someplace, I would be happy to take lead on it.

    Some of you know me from Zeiben back in old WN days, some know me for Ashalana, Lawst, Kishinaaw, Furiass, Tawnshi, Mishpoun ... yeah...sad.

    Anyhow, I'd love to know who's interested and lets see if we can get a roster going. After talking to Jexxi about it, would be nice to have some of the sassycat crew on their alts to have some MoP experienced raiders with us.


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  • I'm really excited that you will start up the 2nd group! Thanks for taking the lead on that.

    I know there is definitely interest in this. While I don't think a ton of Sassy Cats folks will raid permanently I know there are several willing to fill in as needed with alts or maybe on weeks some people are sitting out they'd be willing to fill in.

    I will let people post here on who is intersted, but definitely look at the list Zurena had started in her thread. Also, if you think we need to do some recruiting externally from We Know to fill out the group let us know and we can brainstorm some ideas to help do that.

    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal

  • Time and date works for me: DPS DK Mefius

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    Sofina (hunter) | Antaras (rogue) | Sarshia (druid) | Mefius (death knight)
  • sign up on the raid calendar :-) I put the raid nights down :-)
  • Hi guys, will be signing up (starting week AFTER next, travelling next week), but the raid calendar says I don't have any toons of the right level? Anyone know why that would be the case?

  • I think you need to edit your toon to level 90 by
    selectng [Characters] from the menu [My Account].

    Sofina (hunter) | Antaras (rogue) | Sarshia (druid) | Mefius (death knight)
  • Howdy! I talked to Anastart last night and he's interested in coming as heals or shadow.

    I'd like to be involved as well if you need melee, I'd offer my rogue and becuase 90% of the fights are ranged-favoured I have a mage that I could "main" if that suits the raid comp. better.

    Also, I have a 88.75 shaman that I was starting to get interested in recently, I could focus on it and have ready it for healing quickly if needed.
  • hey Oof actually Melee only gets shafted on Will in the first raid, rest are perfect for melee dps and Will really isnt bad if you are the only melee, as you can tank str adds and let the range kill the bosses and other adds.
  • Im just going by the fatboss videos as I havent been able to get in there yet. At the start of each boss they mention if the raid composition is ranged or melee biased.
  • yeah i hear ya, i just didnt want ya to think you would be useless as a melee. they are perfectly viable and even melee is best for the first boss if you have a cleave like sweeping strikes or blade flurry.
  • I'm down. I prefer to heal as my toon is geared towards that. Shadow in a pinch.
  • sign up under your roles in the raid calendar so I can keep easy track please. I'm a law student and am stupid busy right now with exams. This is a fun bonus for a mind dump so I don't want to be worrying about composition that much till after the 17th of Dec :-)
  • anastart said:

    I'm down. I prefer to heal as my toon is geared towards that. Shadow in a pinch.

    For this tier, especially in an open-participation group, you really want your tanks and healers to have viable offspecs and gear that goes with it.

    Having essentially pugged it through this tier, I'd say 'we'll just pug it' or 'i'll eventually gear that off spec' is unrealistic. The fights are not awfully difficult and as Leon said, they do not punish melee vs ranged excessively. They do punish misapplication of the mechanics, more often than not as an outright wipe.

    Composition counts, talent selection counts, offspec capability counts. I wouldn't make those the centerpoint of your selection process but at the same time, ignoring them is likely misguided.

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  • Well looks like tonight is a no-go, but we can try tomorrow and see if we have enough. If we have at least 5 roles filled, which it looks like we might, we can try to pickup some in trade.

    It might help to recruit some from out of guild for regular raiding. Officer input on that is needed though.
  • So far, the roster looks like this:

    Tank: Me
    Tank: ________

    Heals: Jurace
    Heals: Anastart
    Heals: _________

    Dps: Mefius (Melee)
    Dps: Oof.v.2 rogue or mage (melee or range)

    So we are lacking three dps, a tank, and a healer for regular raiding atm.

  • If u guys need a dps i can help out with my main rogue ( for MV ). i don't need gear tho. Also my druid is coming along quick trying to gear her ASAP ( Tank Spec). let me know if needed

  • Well if you'd like to sign up that would be great, we still need another tank :-)

    Let me know. (I'm usually logged in as Furriass (monk) or Lawyer (warrior) these days as I am working on getting them both ready for tanking)
  • well again sign ups dictate we won't be doing anything tonight, which works out for me. I wrote my last law exam of the semester and I have to go get stuff ready to head to whistler tomorrow. Therefore, won't be raiding tonight or tomorrow anyhow. But I hope we can get some participation after the holidays.

    See you all Friday when I get back.

  • OK Ash, look forward to trying again after the break! BTW heading myself to Whistler in Feb, maybe we could chat offline if you have any tips, will be my first time there.
  • Id be down as a healer!!!!
    I have school still but i will most likely be able to heal on my dru!
    Post edited by fas at 2012-12-18 20:46:41
  • Yeah, work hit hard, leading up to our raid nights. I'm in for during and after the holidays.
  • when r we gonna start start january?
  • Jurace let me know when you'll be there...if it's a weekend I might head up there anyhow for a break. It's only a couple hours drive from where I go to school in Vancouver.

    I'll be back tomorrow evening, so this week should be good for me.

  • sounds good ana and fas.
  • So I'm back in the grind, school's back in play, lots of law reading and I am looking forward to start running fog lights - we'll see who's on tomorrow night and if there's not enough to do a raid, we can see about at least running some instances or something as a group, maybe LFR if people need it.

  • Illidan how is your tank coming along?

    Jurace, PM me about Whistler..I am on reading week from Feb 22.
  • I'll be there tonight!
  • Ash and I had fun last night running some heroics -- with tank plus heals we pretty much insta-queued. We need some more folks to come and join in, I think if we get a core group we should be able to handle the first raids no problem based upon what I saw last night!
  • Well I'm gonna take a nap this evening since nobody's on for raiding with foglights :-(
  • I will be on and ready tom if were raiding!! :DDD
  • I am going to have to switch up raid times and dates based on my new class schedule. A prof had to go away for sick leave and some courses got moved around. I will have to do weekend daytime raids only it's looking like.
  • So . . . what is the latest word on this new group? Days? Times? Persons interested? I have spent a lot of time away from WoW since the end of Cata, but I really want to start raiding again.

    Unfortunately, I haven't done any of the MoP raids except on LFR.

    I have a tank and DPS spec. If you are curious about my playing ability, ask Oof or Anastart.
  • Yeah sorry, I went afk. Law school just got too busy, and although I had time to try to run this...I simply was disheartened with really low turn out and was unable to recruit. The game is losing some of it's lustre for me. Sorry all.

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