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December 3rd, 9:00PM Server - TRIVIA NIGHT!
  • Location to be determined! Come have some fun with me and my trusty trivia bot. Prizes to be given! I expect it to last about one hour.
    Post edited by Valisa at 2012-11-26 15:17:23
  • If we get five sign ups, I'll not enter the contest myself and destroy all of you Ken Jennings style.
  • 9 PM server = 3 AM Glasgow. Nein danke.

    (Besides, I haven't even started downloading everything I'll need to login.
  • Oh c'mon. You have Power Word: Caffeine, surely.
  • Cancelled, 0 shows. I guess I won't give out this 10,000g I had!
  • 9 PM server = 3 AM Glasgow. Nein danke.

    You can't handle the trivia, that's one thing. But don't be blaming it on geography!

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