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Pandamonium Raiding
  • The mists have parted, pets have battled, dailies have been done. Now it is time to enter the Mogu'shan Vaults! We are looking at starting a raid team that would raid two days a week - the days are still under discussion. I will be tanking and leading, and I've talked with a few folks who are interested in joining, but I'll let them comment below.

    Please comment below if you are interested in joining and what your role preferences are.

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  • Me Me Me!
    I bet Arsenio is at a wine and cheese party...
  • I have no idea how to play anymore, but I'd be willing to level ... something lol. Choices: Warrior/DK/Hunter/Rogue/Druid/Monk/Warlock/Mage :P
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • Like I said, Priest ;)
    Just kidding. I'll make a suggestion once I see the composition of the other folks who are interested. (Ok, we have a priest, so not really priest)
  • Oh yeah, I forgot also paladin and shaman :)
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • HI Z, I'm interested if ready by the time you get going. Holy priest (have been leveling shadow but I never seem to get the hang of putting raid DPS at adequate levels, maybe I just can't gear my offspec adequately). I'll finish leveling this weekend, then it will just be a question of how fast can I gear to a reasonable level.
  • I'd like to volunteer my lowly rogue if you need one.

    Also my brother-in-law is hopefully joining the guild this weekend and I know he would like to get involved also.

    I have signed myself up for rated BGs middle of next month with Valisas group, so I may have to take that into consideration if the two groups don't synch up. I don't want to leave him hanging and have ground a whole dreadful pvp set that needs to be put to use! :D
  • LOL The plan is to make sure that we don't hit the RBG because we have more than a couple people who do both.

    Depending on how it all works out we may try to not hit Sassy Cats' schedule but that leaves only Tuesday and Sunday (or Saturday night during the winter because Saturday day has no online component for me) so we'll work that part out in a little bit
  • Sunday is iffy for me, as I do RPG gaming that day. Saturday night's cool tho :)
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • Yeah Sunday is rough because I have my level 70 raids on that day too.
  • This group is coming together, but rather than waiting until everyone is raid ready to play together I'm going to start posting Heroic nights.

    This Tuesday at 8=10 server time we will do Heroics and/or Regulars (depending on where folks are on leveling & gearing) with an eye towards getting the heroic achievements.

    Let start playing together and brushing up our skills.

    Sign up here: http://www.weknow.to/raid/index.php?option=com_view&id=616
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  • Let's do heroics & regulars again, this time with a little more advanced warning. Wed at 8pm server time.
  • Sounds great, I'll be there. Ilvl creeping up, 454 after getting the Sha boots!
  • Yay Shaboots!
  • I'm in as well. My disc Priest is ready to do some raiding and I'll be looking to get on board. 467 ilvl and ready to get another great piece as soon as I get some more volor pts.
  • Awesome! Will try and get another heroics run going this week - perhaps Tuesday.
  • Hi guys, I'm in Indiana on business and doubt I can join in tonight. I did try to update my Mac Air to MoP, so there's a chance I can login, but my Vuhdo isn't config'ed, etc. I think a bunch of folks run LFR on Tuesday nights, if I can make it I'll try to join that.
  • Well we'll catch who we can before the LFR and run some heroics and if the LFR is happening we can switch over to that.
  • For those who just joined the guild - we're still looking for some DPS & a healer & a tank (based on who has spoken up in this thread.)

    Let me know if you are interested in joining us & where you are in the leveling/gearing process.

    Right now I'm thinking Saturday night and Tuesday Night will be our raid nights - to avoid conflicting with RBG and Sassy Cats.

    Let me know if either of those don't work.
    (At some point we will need to move Saturday night to another night (once dark starts being too late.))

    In the mean time I'm available for heroics. I prefer tanking but will dps if needed.
  • Thought you had tank covered? If not .... :)
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • Hey Mal, just remember you cant double tap to evade :D
  • Yeah that still gets me lol.

    I miss GW2 :( Lemme know if you get a good guild there. Still be in WoW, but I'm a gaming fool hehe.
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • Ok, current roster so far is:

    Tank: Zurena - Warrior - 90 & Geared
    Tank: Maloch - Pally/DK
    DPS-ranged: Ariannrhod - Mage 89
    DPS-ranged: MgGuiler - Priest - 90 & Geared
    DPS-melee: Oof - Rogue - 90 & Geared
    Heals: Jurace - Priest - 90 & Geared
    Heals: Anastart - Priest 90 & Geared

    As you can see we need:

    1 Heals (non priest)
    1 melee DPS,
    1 ranged or melee dps

    Once we have a second tank leveled and geared (Maloch was slotted for DPS until yesterday) I would like to see if we can start raiding (pugging the gaps) If you have friends who might want to join our crew (guild or otherwise) let me know.

  • I'll work at getting my tank up there; not sure whether to go with the pally or DK, but I'll figure it out.
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • Good list Zurena, we're getting there! I think it would be great if one of the Heals has a strong off-spec DPS (and skillz), so that we have the option to two heal when we need extra DPS. I do have a shadow spec, but never seem to master the DoT and CD rotation to get good numbers. If Anastart (or the third healer) can also do strong DPS that would be a plus.

    Up to ilvl 467 btw, getting there. My new goal is to get into the Heart of Fear LFR this week, which should further help me get good gear by the time we start. Week after Thanksgiving?
  • Sweet, coming along nicely! Im excited.

    I have done dailies with Anastart and his dps as shadow off-spec is crazy.

  • If the raid doesn't overlap with Sassy
    I'll sign up with my DPS DK as much as
    possible (if that's okay).

    His ilvl will be 477-ish within today.

    Sofina (hunter) | Antaras (rogue) | Sarshia (druid) | Mefius (death knight)
  • I'm interested in coming as Ret on Vic, and would be willing to also get a tank set together for nights we're in need (though I have no interest in tanking regularly). Two issues:

    1. Gear -- I *just* got back and I'm still getting there. I'm leveling and running the occasional normal dungeon, and when I hit 90 I plan to throw myself into heroics, but it could be a bit yet until I'm there.

    2. Days -- Saturday is extremely hit or miss for me, and Tuesdays I am almost always gone, though I *might* be able to move that engagement around. TBH, twice a week might be tough for me to swing, but I would see what I could do.

    So obviously it might not work out, but I at least wanted to express interest in running wih you guys. Keep me posted!
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Before I post in the main thread, I thought I should post here (of course this means the other post will be above this and you probably will have already read this.)

    I am moving Zurena over to another server. This means I won't be leading up this raid.

    It looks like there is definitely interest in this - and there are a number of you that I think could do a great job leading the team, so I hope this goes forward.
  • Bumpin this thread to see who is still in. We should set something up and pug the remainder.

    Say what nights and times that are good for you and lets get this going!

    Im itchin' to get raiding!

  • If the start time is 8-ish pm server time and if it's on
    Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue I'll sign-up as much as possible with my
    DPS DK (Mefius ilvl 480).

    Sofina (hunter) | Antaras (rogue) | Sarshia (druid) | Mefius (death knight)
  • As I stated in the outdated thread...Id love to join in. I have my panda monk dps or tank and would love to figure out which days/times are possible that I could join in or if we can get another group started.
  • I'm still in, and ready to roll (except next week, travelling on work). Holy Priest, ilvl up to 470, and should get a few more points in the next week.

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