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  • Ok, so I was googling for something and stumbled across the very first MMO that I played back in college. I thought it had surely died...and technically it did, but someone rewrote it and released it to the interewebs.

    You can read about and find info on playing Multi-Trek at: http://mtrek.com/
  • Hah, that's a blast from the past. A lot of the fnet/icb people I knew were players.
  • Awesome!

    We played Trek in college on our BSD Unix PDP-11/45, and I think maybe we had it running on the CDC Cyber 760 or some other computer. (early 80's)

    Later, I played Multi-Trek a little, but by that time I was at SGI and Dogfight had become my main computer game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SGI_Dogfight

    So I guess I'm saying I was more into PvP then.

  • Well I think Multi-Trek was always PvP but with self organizing teams. The original build was on a PDP-11/70 (Unix B of its day) running BSD and eventually went to an ISI.

    I still remember the bootup that listed 4.3 1/2 or some such because the next release was taking so long to come up (and Jim Haynes was getting impatient.) Odd to realize that those "authorities" of the day were probably younger than I am today.

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