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GEARTEETH Release Date Confirmed!
  • My editor's on the phone with the publisher and she just confirmed: August 9th will see the release of my first book, GEARTEETH! It'll initially be released on e-book and into dead-tree print later (that one takes longer to process through the works heh). For those who didn't know, whee, I'm ye olde author ;) For those wondering what exactly the book is about, here's the back cover blurb:

    “In 1890 a disease that turned sane men into ravenous werewolves erupted in the United States and soon spread to the rest of the world. On the brink of humanity’s extinction, Nikola Tesla and a secret order of scientists known as the Tellurians revealed a bold plan: the uninfected would abandon the Earth’s surface by rising up in floating salvation cities, iron and steel metropolises that carried tens of thousands of refugees above the savage apocalypse. The remnants of mankind huddled fearfully in the clouds, waiting for the werewolves to devour each other. Yet twenty years later only one salvation city remains aloft, while the beasts still rule the world below. Time has taken its toll on the miraculous machinery of the city, and soon the last of the survivors will plummet to their doom. But when Elijah Kelly, a brakeman aboard the largest of the city’s Thunder Trains, is infected by the werewolf virus he discovers a secret world of lies and horrific experiments that hide the disturbing truth about the Tellurians. When the beast in his blood surges forth Elijah must choose between the lives of those he loves and the city that is humanity’s last hope of survival.”

    It's the first book of the trilogy (and I'm already working on the second book, Judgment of Blood). I'll let you guys know when it's actually up ... and wish me luck, hopefully this is the start of Mr. Mal's Wild Ride ;)
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • Congratulations Mal! Looking forward to a good read! :)
  • Congrats!
  • This is very exciting, congratulations!

    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal
  • Woot! Way to go Mal.
    But I need tacos! I need them or I will explode. That happens to me sometimes.
  • Yay! Can't wait to read it!
  • AWESOME! Grats from Clem and I... Sounds like August 9th a purchase shall be made...
    I used to care... now I take a pill for that...

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  • Thanks guys :) The website is now fully populated and up, I'd appreciate you folks giving it a gander and letting me know what you think. And hey, miniature photos and lots of free stories too =D

    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • Thanks for the link, Mal. Indeed I'll take a gander.
    Post edited by Belgera at 2012-07-27 02:59:16
    But I need tacos! I need them or I will explode. That happens to me sometimes.
  • In particular, I love this About line about the author:

    A self-described serial killer of coffee and whiskey sours, living in California with two raucous birds who peck him when he gets too far out of line. That's a whole lot of beaking.

    That made me smile.

    I love the website, great feel to match the description of the book, I can't wait to read it.

    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal
  • Thanks Jexii! Julie, ye olde editor and new roommate, wants me to put more in the About section, but ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm not that eager to talk about myself that much. Especially since she's convinced I'll have at least one stalker shaving their head like a Tellurian and trying to argue werewolf steampunk with me lol.
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • Love the miniatures Mal. Really well done armies.
    But I need tacos! I need them or I will explode. That happens to me sometimes.
  • Thanks Bel :)

    Just got done with Julie and Gina printing out and cutting out promotional materials for the Gold Rush Rampage (www.goldrushrampage.com). My friend Dustin runs it and he's giving out these bookmarks in all the swag bags:

    And here's the front and back of the two coupons I made for the two copies of the book I donated to the tourney's raffle:

    Post edited by Maloch at 2012-07-29 02:49:27
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • And the link for GEARTEETH's spot on the publisher's website it live!


    Only the most basic info is up now, and don't worry about the release date, it's just the placeholder while they populate the page. It's still on track for a release this Thursday =D

    Just nice to have something 'official' up lol.

    EDIT: Edited to fix my terribad linking skills.
    Post edited by Maloch at 2012-08-06 18:12:24
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • WOOTS!

    NOW it's time to raise the roof!
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  • Excited! Boing, boing! Tomorrow wheeeee! I'll let you guys know as soon as it goes 'live' ;)
    The chintacle can sense fear.

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