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Burrow Attack
  • Specced as BM to tame some exotic pets in preparation for the expansion
    and found Burrow Attack to be quite fun.

    Charge your Worm pet in the middle of grouped mobs
    (humanoids in Conflagration/Icecrown for example)

    Wait for your Worm pet to do Thunderstomp

    Throw in Explosive Trap using your Trap Launcher
    (you need to do some damage to secure loot)

    Hit Burrow Attack and in few seconds you get pile of corpse
    (7-9 humanoid kills per such attack)

    With this method, my new Worm pet leveled from 77 to 80 in no time.

    I bet many of you know about this already but thought I should mention
    about it in case you haven't yet experienced the fun.

    Sofina (hunter) | Antaras (rogue) | Sarshia (druid) | Mefius (death knight)
  • Sounds like fun. One day I'll dust off my hunter. She's stuck at 74.
    But I need tacos! I need them or I will explode. That happens to me sometimes.
  • lol very nice sofi!
    Sandrika, Crazan, Squeatus To often we post in anger, when waiting and thinking and letting that boiling pot settle would be sooo much better.
  • Bellaluna said:

    Sounds like fun. One day I'll dust off my hunter. She's stuck at 74.

    Funny, my hunter is also stuck in the mid 70s, I could not quite get motivated to get to 80! I'm not sure why because my hunter was the 2nd toon I leveled to 70 but could never pick up interest again in WotLK.

    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal

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