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Oh so painful to watch, I am still weeping.
  • Sometimes, I fear for the future. Then I realize I'm halfway to a dirt nap so I won't be affected as much by the future as these Einsteins.

    Post edited by Clef at 2012-06-21 16:33:31
    I love gnomes.
  • ugh...
    But I need tacos! I need them or I will explode. That happens to me sometimes.
  • That's pathetic. But if you really think about it. They're our OUR kids! I guess we suck at raising kids LOL.
  • Ok, I'm Canadian and I could answer all these questions...
  • However, This on always gives me a laugh.

  • Well Canada IS just another state according to this video lol
  • Clef said:

    I won't be affected as much by the future

    Or not affected at all, other than being riled up by a selectively edited video, specifically designed to push your 'get off my lawn!' buttons. These things have been around since kids have been around - unable to recite the 7 kinds of edible mammoth or reading those 'novel' things or dancing to that devil 'rock'n'roll' music.
    At the end of the day (whether ours, or someone else's), humanity seems to move on. And the kids are alright.
  • Yep, there is always some question someone doesn't know, or someone who is bad with names. (I remember faces but names are slippery for me at times.) It wouldn't be that popular a video if they caught the kids who knew the answers or the answers the kids knew.

    So what is the capital of Florida? South Dakota?.... (And it is important for them to know these facts without Google because of...)
  • I got it right on Florida (and quick, what's the capital of California?) but I totally bismarked South Dakota. There ought to be a law to remove one of these confusing Dakotas!
  • I'm guessing the school is in Washington state...
  • Hronk, I love how you have become the intellectual defender of humanity, but from my observations, and my sister's, and my cousin's, and a myriad of other family members who just got through high school, they all agreed this was representative of each of their high school students as whole.

    If you actually spoke with the general high school population these days, this is exactly what you would get. A bunch of pop cultured, coddled, and self entitled mess is what they are these days, with no knowledge of what's outside their walls. At least back when I went to high school, we knew who the hell the vice president was, and that Canada is a country. All in all, it's an indication of the slide in education and parenting that is happening in this day and age.
    I love gnomes.
  • Chicca, thanks for posting that video. I watched the entire thing! :D
  • In lieu of replying to Clef with something that is equally ranty, but ultimately just as silly, here is a picture of a unicorn nuzzling a kitty cat:

    Spencer Cross AKA Lurzmog | Balkhmog | Gobhoblin
  • My favourtie part of the whole video is at 33:10. Makes me laugh every time!
  • That is one serious kitty.
  • Eh, I've seen this kind of thing before - British TV shows do it all the time to make Americans look stupid. They ask dozens of people these questions but only air the worst few. Not to say these dopes aren't bringing down the average though. :(
  • Clef said:

    Hronk, I love how you have become the intellectual defender of humanity, but from my observations, and my sister's, and my cousin's, and a myriad of other family members

    You mean anecdotal, right? The kind of lousy evidence they taught us to discard in school and stuff.

  • Videos like this are edited in a way that shows the maximum ignorance in order to make it entertaining. I've worked in high schools for two years now, and the only real difference in knowledge I see consistently (vs. when I was in high school, 2001-2005)is spelling and grammar due to the popularity of texting.

    Also, I totally forgot the capital of WA wasn't Seattle. ><
  • And yes, I had a kid write "GIT R DUN" in a serious essay a few weeks ago.
  • Seriously! Ok that made me LOL.
  • There were a lot of idiots in my high school (a modestly expensive catholic high school), and even more who just didn't pay any attention to stuff that adults thought important. I don't think much has changed in the last 30 years.

    FWIW, I think this sort of thing is a lot funnier when they ask adults. Except when it's depressing.


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