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  • Hey Guys and Gals,

    Do you guys know if it is possible to 2-man BT, Serpentshrine Caverns, Mount Hyjal and The Eye bosses? I want to start collecting old school cool looking gear. I would be on my ilvl 350 priest and my friend is an ilvl 390 hunter.


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  • You'll be able to kill quite a few bosses with 2. Depending on gear/classes/preparation you will probably find actually clearing some of them fairly difficult.
  • Thanks Hronk
  • Do you guys know which one's would be difficult so i can avoid them?
  • I agree, some of these could be tricky. I believe MH would probably be the easiest to two man. The Eye, the boss with the mount probably needs at least 4 if not more depending on your dps while the rest of the place may be two manable. I'm thinking you could try BT, just know you may run in to trouble on a few bosses.

    Don't forget to ask in guild chat when you're going, there are often interested parties.
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  • i looked but only Galibrath was online and he was in Ulduar. I pugged it up in BT with 1 DK and 1 Moonkin and it went well until we hit the Essence of Desire or whatever her name is . . . that was rough. We then picked up another DK and finally killed her and pretty much breezed through the rest of it. I now need to go to MH and get the hood from Archimonde (think i can 1 man him as either a holy or shadow priest). Then i am going to want to do the Eye and Serpentshrine so i'll check in Guild

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