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Pandaria Beta Begins
  • Ah true, I think July is more likely for the patch drop. But I do expect we'll see it before October.
  • Yeah and the other thing to watch for is the frequency of build drops in the beta. When they're a couple a week, like now, it's usually not a sign of imminent release.
  • I believe the first daggers starting popping up in February for 25 man guilds and 10 man guilds first part of April. That would give most 3-4 months with them. Not that bad imo =)
    Sandrika, Crazan, Squeatus To often we post in anger, when waiting and thinking and letting that boiling pot settle would be sooo much better.
  • The daggers, much like coffee, are for closers. And there are intermediate versions of the daggers all along the way. One thing we can be sure of, Blizzard isn't structuring their schedules around 'average time to daggers'.
  • Given that they've placed updated Brewfest and Hallow End rewards on the Beta PTR they seem to be expecting that the expansion will be out before this years Brewfest which is usually the end of September.

    They have not to my knowledge updated the Summer Fire Festival rewards, so they seem to expect that the expansion won't be launched before then.

    So we can infer that Blizzard would like the expansion to launch sometime between July 10th (first tuesday after the end of the fire festival) and September 20th (start of Brewfest).

    Given that most media companies as somewhat reluctant to launch product during the summer months as people generally do things like go on holiday I'm predicting that the last week of August would be a good date as it would give people about a month to get to level 90 before Brewfest starts, plus its close to a holiday weekend so people can grind out the levels over the long weekend.
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  • So when do we start posting bets? My guess is 3rd week in August.
    The expansion patch probably will drop after July 4th.
  • Keep in mind that the updated client will need to be pushed a couple of weeks before the expansion proper so you also need to account for that.
  • I think I happily pooped away $100 making a bet on the release date of some expansion some years ago. Not doing it again but I'm prepared to say should the XP come out in July, I'll publicly admit I'm a KGB sleeper agent hellbent on destroying the American Way of Life/Guild Wars 2.
  • Just admit you're a rich gay dude and we can ignore the KGB thing. Plus, if you were a sleeper agent...

    Plus, who doesn't poop when they're happy? I've never had a sad poop. Violent, however..
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  • They recently push the a patch to the Beta to increase the level cap to 90 and they've started testing the heroic dungeons which means we are into the final leg of the beta. They still haven't started to test the raid content and generally that takes about a month so there is still a ways to go yet.

    But combined with the fact that they've started to update the PTR for the 5.0 client I would say late July/August is looking very likely.
  • Oh man! That's exciting!!!
  • Zoriana said:

    But combined with the fact that they've started to update the PTR for the 5.0 client I would say late July/August is looking very likely.

    Do you mean in the downloader? I can't find any mention of 5.0 being on the PTR. I actually looked them up last time this came up, like a proper nerd. They seem to have been pretty consistent of month of xp client on ptr, and about six weeks of xp client on live servers before xp release. Which, if it's any indication for this xp would put July out of the question and keep August reasonably iffy.
  • hronk said:

    Which, if it's any indication for this xp would put July out of the question and keep August reasonably iffy.

    I should have been clearer.

    Based on the timelines in the past I would expect that the client patch would be out at the end of July and the expansion launched proper launched at the very end of August just prior to Labor day.

    So the timeline would be something like this:

    End of June: Client Patch on PTR
    End of July: Client Patch on Live
    End of August: Expansion goes Live

    Giving them ~2 months of testing left on the client patch and ~3 months left to test the expansion proper.
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  • Zoriana said:

    End of July: Client Patch on Live
    End of August: Expansion goes Live

    I also missed a bit (and just noticed, surfing around for release stuff) in the press tour where the Blizzardroid implies they plan to release the xp 'roughly two weeks' after the 5 client patch goes live. If true, it makes some August date much more feasible.

    Mmmm, release date Kremlinology.
  • A week later than I predicted but according to Blizzard the client patch for 5.0 will be pushed to the PTR real soon now.


    So the timeline I posted is still (just about) holding together. Would probably revise to:

    Beginning of August: Client Patch on Live
    End of August: Expansion goes Live.
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  • I got a quick question regarding the beta and etc!!!

    Can someone either here or in game tell me how to go about getting into the beta and such, i will love you long time <3 :D
    I bet Arsenio is at a wine and cheese party...
  • Well. First you need to make sure of your beta profile in battle.net. Second I don't think they are sure that they are adding more testers but I'm sure they will add a few. The reason behind that is because all of the year long subscription holders got guaranteed beta access. I feel like the number is like 1.2 million testers right now. But for sure get your beta profile set up.
  • Blizzard is sharing beta invites through various gaming venues. I see them posting about it on their World of Warcraft Facebook page.

    Also, for opting in to the beta, as Leonid mentioned the beta faq is here and includes a link to the Beta Profile so you can opt in if you haven't.
  • Thanks guys :)
    I bet Arsenio is at a wine and cheese party...
  • Looks like the 5.x client just hit the PTR. I think even by most optimistic calculations, that makes an August release fairly unlikely. September, sometime, if we assume a 4 (PTR) + 2 (live), maybe?
  • I dunno, GW2 is releasing August 28th, and my bet is Blizzard will do everything in their power to release before it.

    Just my guess :D
  • No they won't, they still have a bunch of number tweaking to do and bug fixes. That also wouldn't be very smart announcing a release less than a month in advance. Also I don't think GW2 is goin to have a big an impact as people think.
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  • Yeah, i dont think it will have that much, bc there is no reason people cant play both, especially with no sub fee. That being said, bliz was worried about swtor and did a similar thing.
  • The fee split I think is a bigger thing. And if I recall the quick drop for SWTOR was a patch/raid not an entire expansion which usually gets live events and whatnot that do take some pre-planning.
  • thujo said:

    my bet is Blizzard will do everything in their power to release before it.

    I think that's a bet in the 'not even wrong' category. GW2 is not a direct WoW xp competitor, in fact, quite sensibly, they go out of their way to avoid being one. WoW XPs are targeted at the subscription fee MMORPG market - a fairly inelastic one that, sort of like the markets for OS'es or Word Processors, tends to be dominated by one giant gorilla. On top of that, XPs are aimed at repeat buyers.

    It's extremely difficult to directly compete with the gorilla - the only significant attempt recently has been SWTOR, with well-known franchise and development and marketing budgets that surely absolutely dwarf GW2. I don't think Blizzard really did anything special in the face of that, they're not going to fiddle with their release date because of GW2.

    It looks like the the opening cinematic will be released in mid August which almost certainly rules out an August release. I somewhat doubt it's going to be September either.
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  • It is interesting seeing the various responses to the long wait. Open Raid and various "vanilla flavored" raiding groups such as iToons (and others that I've run into) seem to be popping up more.

    Also many people are playing in the beta, which may mean the first expanding patch may need to be earlier but it might not. Given how late things like the pet battles came in (and the raiding content) I think those were early signs that they would either have to release without pet battles (and possibly the first raids) or that the release was going to pushed out to past August and probably September.
  • Not to derail this...scintillating...discussion about release dates (just teasing), but I got on a bit this weekend and played around on my warrior. It was tough given the frequent disconnects (I was never on for more than 5, 10 minutes at a time) but I tested out both Arms and Fury PVE, both practicing theoretical rotations on the dummy and also questing and seeing what that was like. Thoughts:

    - Both seem to be pretty smooth ragewise. I ran across some QQ but I didn't have any issues. Obviously that may change at 90 in quest gear etc. but it felt good at where I was. I think tieing (is it tieing or tying in this context?) MS/BT/SS to rage generation and then lowering rage income from white swings evens things out some. Production is steady, few gaps and few spikes.

    - Arms is strong as hell, but I found it a bit boring. Rage is almost too steady; I think Fury's Flurry passive makes that spec more variable without wildly fluctuating. Overpower proccing Overpower is fun, but not terribly engrossing, and everything else is very...rudimentary. It feels basic and stripped down, like it might be a low-level rotation. Of course YMMV. The nice thing is that crap is just dying. Two hits max on most quest mobs (ran around TB killing spiders, zombies, whatever).

    - Fury might be a bit lower, but I felt it was more fun. Now sustained DPS I have no idea, I didn't have recount up, but quest mobs took a few hits (so still very fast, just not as fast as Arms). But it's fun. As I said, I think Fury has a bit more variance; it never seems "dead" ragewise but it does tend to get hot and you can cap rage unless you're quick on your feet. Fury is also more fun in that Raging Blow is a much more random proc than Overpower, which has a 100% proc rate off of MS, and Wild Strike's "3 for 1" proc is a blast as well. Each "window" between BTs is a bit different which is enjoyable.

    - Heroic Strike is just fine. I questioned its existence since both specs now have a 30 rage dump(Slam/Wild Strike), but since you still can cap on rage, it serves its purpose.

    - Lastly, I love the "quality of life" changes, but I get why some old school/hardcore players hate them. Charge in any spec without dancing is great, but it does diminish the "skill" requirement. There's no stance dancing at all, actually, and right now Zerker Stance may as well not exist. It makes everything easy, but I get why some people claim it's too easy.

    Overall I think DPS warriors are in a good place right now, at least on PTR at 85. Only thing would be if damage is low, which is just number tweaking.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Wild strike should only be used when bloodsurge procs as it reduces the rage cost for 3 charges worth, in a pvp situation you can spam the hell out of it. i think fury is goin to overtake arms at least in the beginning of mists, its just gotten a lot more tweaking done to it than arms has and just looks totally fun now.
  • Wild Strike from what I saw hits much harder than Heroic Strike, so why would you not use it as a filler/rage dump even if Bloodsurge hasn't procced?

    And it is totally fun, you are right about that.
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    a/k/a Victarious
  • you wont have the rage to spam wild strike once you start leveling again as your hit % plummets
  • Also keep in mind the balancing and tweakage of the classes is almost exclusively focused on level 90, level 90 stats and early level 90 gear - they make some cursory effort to keep it roughly where it was for the old max level but it's minor and is usually not representative of the actual balance and performance between specs.

    There was a fun time during the BC client patch that Yroa ran around with his warlock doing 30% of the total damage in 40 person raid.
  • spam =/= filler or rage dump. If all you're hitting is BT and RB, I assure you, you will gain rage. There's not a lot else to use it on. If Bloodthirst doesn't proc, WS is still better DPR than HS, and you'll hit it.

    But no, I am aware that rage will likely be much sparser come 90. But it is fun right now and the future is promising.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Zurena said:

    Given how late things like the pet battles came in (and the raiding content) I think those were early signs that they would either have to release without pet battles (and possibly the first raids)

    I think they'd eat their hats and/or GW2's babies before they release an XP without a tier of raid content. Raids are always tested late and piecemeal largely to avoid overfamiliarization. They ship buggy and often overtuned, as a consequence and Blizzard has no problem with that, given the alternatives.
  • Meanwhile back to the regular scheduled programming:

    It appears that there might be a Digital Deluxe Edition this time around. Not sure if that is in addition to the physical deluxe edition, or if they intend to go digital only this time around.

  • hronk said:

    It looks like the the opening cinematic will be released in mid August which almost certainly rules out an August release. I somewhat doubt it's going to be September either.

    The problem with that is it runs them up into the fall world event calendar which is pretty crowded from Brewfest through Thanksgiving. End of August is the latest they can launch and still give people enough time to level up prior to Brewfest which is end of September.

    I believe the Brewfest rewards have been updated so they clear expect enough people to be level 90 to get access to them.

    That said in theory they could wait until after Brewfest, but that then runs them into Hallow's End. I fear the nerd rage if people can't pick up their Horseman's Helm/Mount/Squashing.
  • September 25 release date :P
  • Ok...pet battles are fun.
  • One week doesn't really count! It's barely enough time for most people to level and gear for the raid anyway. This seems like an attempt not to ship them buggy and overtuned but it's hard to imagine it making any difference.
  • There was a thread somewhere that said the raids are shipping with the software. But they aren't active. So they will be complete by release day. Just not active.
  • The raid content on client side is different than raid content on server side. But I agree, the 1 week is more a "let them level a panda too" time than a real delay. I also like that they are delaying LFR beyond the general opening of the raids.
  • It's a smart idea delaying the opening of the raids for a week or two after launch. Gives people a chance to level without having to poop sock it for ZOMG World First 'Vaults kill. The hardcore will cry that its catering to the casuals, but still...

    Of course they kind of did that in the past by making the raids so buggy that people gave up trying to kill it until it was patched, but still.
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  • Actually I think this is more catering to the hard core if it is catering. Although there are some hardcore folks that I'm sure will miss the rush pressure of the first week, most of the ones I've heard talking are relieved because they can actually level the first week and enter the raids rested, instead of after 36 hours of playing.
  • Incidentally the expansion patch is out on August 28th. Mark your calendars.

  • Lol @ dropping the patch on the gw2 release date. So blizzard.
  • Shoo! This is a MoP thread, take your dirty GW2 mess outta here!

    Oh, btw, I misses you Thujo! Give in to the pandas and come back!
  • Thujo, coming in MoP - stag travel form for druids. I was meh on MoP altogether until I saw this. Now my interest is piqued.
  • You can haz Druid Mountz!
  • Hehe :D I may pick it up after I get tired of GW2... having 2 games to alternate between sounds win-win to me :D I'm gonna wait a bit to hear some feedback about MoP first though :D

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