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Honey Badgers v2.0
  • So as of this instant it is looking like we are down for a Tuesday evening raid, beginning at: _________TBD________.

    Tank 1:
    Tank 2:

    Heals 1: Leomane (Druid)
    Heals 2: Chicca (Priest)
    Heals 3: Dilemma (Druid)

    DPS 1: Ariannrhod (Mage)
    DPS 2: Miyazaki (Death Knight)
    DPS 3: Casstiel (Paladin)
    DPS 4: Frickle (Rogue)
    DPS 5: Castang (Priest)
    (this list is in no way concrete, just a roll check)

    This will be updated as we get more responses. Please check back. Once we are a little closer on Tanks I will put up the raid up on the calendar! Thanks!!!



    Godsmack, I know you are really wanting to come, but I think we are only going to have tanking spots atm, we have lots of MDPS and very little RDPS, which makes me nervous!

    If there is anyone else interested please let me know!
    Post edited by Leonid at 2012-03-23 11:30:23
  • I am very interested. I am working hard on getting Castang (Shadow Priest) geared for raiding.
  • Fantastic Kastang!

    I was reading back through ye ol' thread and I would like to hear from Waffle and RTE and Godsmack.

  • I will be there on Miyazaki, my DK, unless there's some need for me to bring one of the other kids. If we have an excess (always the dream) of DPS I'm willing to rotate in and out and/or work on my tank set.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • I can bring either Dilemma or Lucre for heals or RTE for DPS.
  • contact godsmack i believe he is looking for a grp.
    Sandrika, Crazan, Squeatus To often we post in anger, when waiting and thinking and letting that boiling pot settle would be sooo much better.
  • Ariannrhod ;) its a weird spelling - Celtic Goddesses are so finicky ;)

    where's the sign up? :) :) :)
  • and Yes - keep miss Aria there ;)
  • Good to know RTE! and yes...that name is silly Kat LOL.
  • Im totally digging the responses so far! Im waiting to hear from Z and then we can try and fill up the roster. All will depend on mix of classes etc.
  • didn't say the name was silly you git ;) lol
  • Well it certainly is SPELLED in a SILLY Fashion LOL
  • talk to the Celts - *thwap* :)
  • Isn't that where watch your p's and q's came from?

    Zurena is the only one geared up - she's DPS...although I suppose I do have tank gear - I could unrust it - BUT I'm not sure I'm available on Tuesday. It depends on if my, um...other raiding group is falling apart or really going on to heroics in DS. Will have a feel on it after tonight. (It is literally in the same time slot so I can't just raid long - or I would.)
  • Is there any chance Thursday would work for people? I can do Tuesdays but Thursdays would be easier and I thought I saw others mention it as a possibility as well. Just putting it out there.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • I can do either day. So it makes no diff to me.
  • Z, no hurry, we have some time yet before we start.
  • Unfortunately Thrusdays I bowl, and I would really like to be part of the group.
    Post edited by Chicca at 2012-03-22 22:58:08
  • Well, Im still waiting to hear from Zurena on what her availablilty is, once that is in a decision will be made.

    Honestly I'm leaning toward Tuesday's, but as I said earlier I'm usually available both days.

    although we are now at the point that we could fill all of the heals spots and have dos over flowing...yet no tanks. So, we need to put our feelers out to get those filled up.
    Post edited by Leonid at 2012-03-22 23:13:32
  • Tuesday should be fine for me; just putting it out there.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • It looks like Tuesday's are best for everyone - and it looks like my other raid team is actually sticking together for the heroics. I'm going to have to miss out but I will try and hop over to Eitrigg a bit more, I finally sat down and read the info on Arms so I'm not feeling quite so much like a gangly teenager when I play Z.
  • Awww, Z I'm sad to hear your not able to come. However I'm happy that your raid group is progressing! Good luck with the heroic modes!!!
  • Boo - Boo I say - we miss you Z but wish you luck with your heroic raids :)
  • Top post is updated with Toons/roles. We need tanks...put your feelers out please and thank you! :)

  • I'll probably putter about on Saturday to get Aria geared a bit - anyone for random heroics or some such so I can get back into practice? lol
  • I'll do Hour of Twilight ones; I think you know my policy on the previously released ones.
    Post edited by Hoff at 2012-03-23 19:07:39
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Ill probably be on in the morning time before 1pm server, I have to close tonight and tomorrow night!
  • Everyone should be hitting LFR hard, BH and get the BoE VP boots and bracers as well. Even with debuff it will still not be cake.
    Post edited by Wafflefry at 2012-03-23 20:08:58
  • Yeah, hitting the HoT dungeons and LFR are going to be an EASY way to get your points and pick up some gear! I think that 378 stuff is going to make DS a cake walk (NOT)...but seriously it will help us in the long run and hopefully make a one night clear possible!

    Also, we are still needing tanks and I'm kind of at a loss on where to find them. I have been trying to soften up Jamie a bit to get him to swing in one night a week but haven't had much luck so far.
  • Death Knight tanking aggravates me. Rune Tetris, Runic Empowerment...bah. It's a hassle. So, I threw together a tank set for Hoff, and managed to tank a heroic tonight and not embarass myself. I would still rather DPS, but I find warrior tanking fairly enjoyable, so that's something I might be more amiable to. If anyone wants to run some randoms with me to help get my legs under me, that'd be great! Not ready gearwise for LFR yet but random HoT heroics are in my wheelhouse.
    Post edited by Hoff at 2012-03-26 10:43:02
    a/k/a Victarious
  • In looking at Ari and her poor poor gear score, I'm realizing it may be wiser to either a) bring my hunter, OR - if you need a sideline healer, Kat. Kat far outgears my other toons and would be the easier choice BUT I don't want to nudge an existing healer out because I'm a goober. :)
  • I don't give a fig who you bring, but you could get that gear up real quick by spamming the new heroics (especially with a guild group (and wouldn't that be a great way for a blossoming warrior tank to get some experience!)).
    a/k/a Victarious
  • You have a compelling argument Sir. I may just take you up on that!


    How bout this evening?
  • I won't be on much if at all; perhaps a bit in the late evening. Thursday night would be your best bet to get your Hoff on, and Saturday as well.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Thursday's good - I think we have Bel and Harp visiting Saturday so that one not so much :o)
    Post edited by Katanyaa at 2012-03-26 13:01:17
  • Hey Kat, we got enough offspec gear for you in the original HOney Badgers, bring your shammy to DPS lol.
  • LOL! - I could do that - would be fun to sling fire and lightning.... :o) now I have to check her bank then start begging people *cough*Leonid*cough* for enchants :)
  • I can help with enchants! ANd glyphs possibly!
  • Howdy Folks!

    Just wanted to update everyone, we need to put out feelers for tanks...Im at a loss at this point except that Hoff said he is willing to tank for us as soon as he gets his set together.

    If everyone is able, perhaps we should do a LFR this week on Tuesday...

    Just saying...

  • I'm free on Tuesday, not sure if my tank set will be ready but I can at least DPS and try for tier tokens/mastery gear/Souldrinker.
    a/k/a Victarious
  • Will do my best to be there - one problem is the fact that my ear + headset is a bad BAD combination - darn me and my addiction to piercings!

    Just means I'll drive Mal bonkers with Vent goign on speaker ;)
  • Lol! Mal should feel honored to hear our voices on vent! :).
  • yeah - you try selling him on that point :D :D :D
  • I think you should require all who join to get this shirt.


    Post edited by Sandrika at 2012-04-02 13:10:46
    Sandrika, Crazan, Squeatus To often we post in anger, when waiting and thinking and letting that boiling pot settle would be sooo much better.
  • But Honey Badger don't care.
  • but they do....
    Sandrika, Crazan, Squeatus To often we post in anger, when waiting and thinking and letting that boiling pot settle would be sooo much better.
  • But they dont....

  • but they DO!!!
    Sandrika, Crazan, Squeatus To often we post in anger, when waiting and thinking and letting that boiling pot settle would be sooo much better.
  • But they DON'T!!!!
  • /glare ...
    Post edited by Sandrika at 2012-04-02 19:33:29
    Sandrika, Crazan, Squeatus To often we post in anger, when waiting and thinking and letting that boiling pot settle would be sooo much better.
  • -Shuts down this thread-



    With that said, Whats the verdict on doing an LFR tomorrow night?! Lemme know! Imma put it up on the calendar. Invites at 745p queue at 8p!

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