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Retro Re-Run!
  • Howdy Guildies!

    I was looking at my achieves tonight and realized that Im missing like EVERYTHING before Cata...well not everything but lots. So, I am going to try to get groups together on my weekends off (In the afternoons or evenings on Saturdays) to run OLD content. (I'm slightly OCD so I'm going to try and line this up as close to chronological order as possible).

    When I post raids I will try my best to estimate what content we will do that day, but all future raids will depend on what was achieved the previous week! I hope there is some interest out there for doing this!



    **Will put up a schedule in this thread when I receive my schedule for work this month**

    List of Raids

    Molten Core
    Blackwing Lair
    Ruins of AQ
    Temple of AQ

    Gruul's Lair
    Magtheridon's Lair
    Serpentshrine Cavern
    Tempest Keep: The Eye
    Battle for Mount Hyjal
    Black Temple
    Sunwell Plateau

    Obsidian Sanctum
    Vault of Archavon (ALL BOSSES)
    Eye of Eternity
    Trial of the Crusader
    Onyxia (Re-DEUX)
    Trial of the Grand Crusader
    Ruby Sanctum
    Ice Crown Citadel

    Post edited by Leonid at 2012-01-25 00:53:35
  • I'm interested in many of these! Let me know when you're doing it!

    Jexii | Mexiico | Jezaal
  • First one is up for this Saturday.
  • same here, but unfortunately I can't make it on Saturday. I have volunteer and scout meeting. But i'll definitely come whenever I can Leonid. :-D
  • Are saturdays usually out for you?
  • leonid - i say do what is most convenience for majority - and i think saturday (the time that you have) is an ideal time for ppl.
  • I'm not a huge fan of achievements..but..
    somehow..since I've been to so many of these
    Retro runs in the past..I'll join if there
    is vacancy (maybe I like it after all).

    Sofina (hunter) | Antaras (rogue) | Sarshia (druid) | Mefius (death knight)
  • I was just wondering about YOU. LOL
  • Sofi, we would love to have you.
  • This coming Saturday we will be running what's left of the VANILLA raids. Starting with MC and BWL. Time permitting we will be going to the AQ's as well.

    Make sure you sign up on the raid calendar!
  • We have at least a tank an a heals for Saturday afternoon! If anyone else has toons that would like to go please sign up on the calendar :)
  • Hey Leo, I would love to come but it really depends at what time the kid and the wife take their saturday naps!
  • Well I hope they pass out at like 12:55pm server...that would be excellent!

    Just a little bump up and reminder, we will be running starting at 1pm.

    Jamie and I are stationing toons at the entrances to all of the Vanilla instance so there is very little down time between instances. So hopefully (If we have enough folks) we can RIP on through these like a bunch of champs!


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