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First world problems
  • Frightened by Emtu's repeated warnings of running out of SWTOR quests and to build up some rested XP, I hopped on WoW and realized I didn't actually feel like running anything. The classical literature has described this, in the character of Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged - an immortal being who, having nothing left to do had decided to insult the universe, entity by entity, in alphabetical order. He has the following conversation with his ship computer, on his way to his next quarry (Folfanga system, to give a small slug a piece of his mind)

    "I think I'll take a nap," he said, and then added, "what network areas are we going to be passing through in the next few hours?"

    The computer beeped.

    "Cosmovid, Thinkpix and Home Brain Box," it said, and beeped.

    "Any movies I haven't seen thirty thousand times already?"



    "There's Angst in Space. You've only seen that thirty-three thousand five hundred and seventeen times."

    "Wake me for the second reel."

    The computer beeped. "Sleep well," it said.

    The ship fled on through the night.

    That said, I did circle strafe for a while, dropping totems and casting self-heals, the game responding as promptly as thought and Comcast would allow. Satisfying!
  • So this has nothing to do with the SWTOR servers being down? Just felt like looking at WoW? :P
  • Hard to believe, but yes! I did my space missions, stared warily at the XP indicator creeping towards level 42 (hah! 42! totally unintentional coincidence, as well) and rebooted right out of Windows.
  • Speaking of which, I've seen the space missions trashed in a few reviews and it makes me feel like one of 1.7 people on the planet who likes them.
  • I think that they are a pleasant diversion. I don't do them all of the time, since I find it annoying to go to the spaceport to get on the ship to do the missions then go back to the thingy to get on the planet and run from the spaceport to wherever I was questing, but if I'm already on my ship when I log in then I do them for sure.

    I am waiting for them to get harder, which I understand that they do. I hope they don't get *too* hard, but I'm up for a little more excitement.
  • They do get a little bit harder and you can sort of make them harder on your own by finding the bonus tasks (go through shooting absolutely everything, even a few seemingly unshootable things). X-wing-style shield/weapon energy management is also introduced, to mix things up a little.

    I do them for the last couple of bubbles of most levels since I usually can't handle another kitten-saving mission or typing HEALER LFG H[2|4]SMIMGLE into /general another 50 times by that point.

    Running to the space port from the middle of questing is, admittedly, a pain. I imagine there was a design meeting at some point where someone said 'You know what. I think we need another zone/loadscreen/endless corridor before the player gets back to their ship/rest zone. That's another 37 seconds spent running, KA-CHING'. That person probably got a raise.
  • They need to replay Star Fox 64 over and over and over and over and then add new space missions imho!
  • Well, this is sort of a combo of Rebel Assault and X-Wing. Although you can totally do a barrel roll.
  • BTW, nearly about to hit 49, and haven't done any of the optional bonus series on Mal, and I never hit that dry spot Emtu was talking about. To be fair though I also enjoy the space missions and have done a few flashpoints and a couple of pvp matches.
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • Lol @ "the classical literature'.
    The first few space missions were hard until they put the tip on the loading screen about holding down the left mouse button to fire continuously. I actually completed a few missions firing at the fighters one by one. Then I would bite it in the asteroid field one until I found out that even though the strafe keys don't work, the arrow keys and 'A' and 'D' do, and you can move side to side! I guess they assume everyone has played these type of shooter games before, but it would be nice if they included a few instructions on movement in the objectives loading screen.
  • I am guessing that you also had a fair amount of rest bonus. The problem really only seems to impact folks that focus only on one toon, and play a lot, based on what Leo and I saw, and similar comments from folks on forums. It is also possible that they are tweaking things a bit, because I am having much less difficulty on my BH. Of course, I am also doing space missions more regularly on the BH also, which really does add up.

    And yes, the space missions get quite a bit harder. There are a few of the ones that showed up around lvl 50 that I haven't been able to finish yet, but I also haven't spent the time to upgrade that ship in a while, which is key.

    Post edited by Emtu at 2012-01-19 14:20:19
  • I think I'm in the 'play a lot, one toon' category. I play the space missions, I haven't had much in the way of rested XP and most of the bonus stuff makes me run screaming. I do see what seems (emphasis on seems) a straight path to 50 and chances are, things have been tweaked since Emtu went all medieval on it.

    He might have stepped into some sort of overachieving/minmaxing twilight zone but, perhaps to my own peril, I take Emtudvice srsly!
  • Lol @ "the classical literature'

    The guy is dead and it took me more than 5 minutes to torrent a pasteable copy. That's like, 2 out of N hallmarks of classical literature!
  • He's also white. 3 of N!
    If you want to stop being called on your bad behavior, stop behaving badly.
  • Just finished a few space missions to burn through the last few bubbles on a level. Mako suggested that "we need upgrades", and at one point she claimed to be downloading the manual. Good advice!
  • swirly said:

    He's also white. 3 of N!

    This is srs thread, for srs SWTOR people!

  • RTE, you do know you can maneveur your ship using the mouse right? I'd hate to try it using arrow keys heh.

    In regards to space missions, buy the starship upgrades and use them, they make hellacious difference. Especially when just starting.
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • You can also pick up some upgrades on the AH, for the in-between levels, if you're not the whatevertech that actually makes them.
  • No, I did NOT know I can maneuver my ship using the mouse.
    Until a few days ago, I was completing all the space missions except for one, the Archenar (sp?) Interception, without moving my ship at all. That one I couldn't complete because I would get smooshed by asteroids. So the result of my incredible ineptitude is first-hand confirmation that very little movement is actually needed to complete 99% of the missions.

    Ironically, the reward for completing the Archenar Interception is a Grade 2 ship upgrade, for which I already had the Grade 3 equivalent equipped.
  • hronk said:

    This is srs thread, for srs SWTOR people!

    Piffle. You know better than to think I'll butt out on those grounds. You're just chagrined that you missed such a patently obvious third criterion!

    /me snorts at Hronk's chagrinedness. SNORT!
    If you want to stop being called on your bad behavior, stop behaving badly.
  • BTW, no one waste your Fleet Commendations on the stupid photon torpedos. While they do massive damage they take a while to lock on, and worst of all, they'll try to do so as you're firing missiles, preventing you from firing missiles (as it requires you to hold and release the right mouse button, the same button you use for ... missiles). It is an irritating 'upgrade' that I regret buying.
    The chintacle can sense fear.
  • That sounds like a lvl 50 first world problem, Mal!

    RTE, how did you aim at things, if not with the mouse? That's some fancy keyboard work I didn't even realize was possible.
  • What *I* didn't even realize was that when I moved my mouse to target something, my entire ship moved as well! Well. That makes all these missions easier now, lol.

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