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Arms Warrior dps guide + macros
  • This guide i found is much easier to understand than EJ imo Arms 4.3 guide

    #showtooltip mortal strike
    /cast berserker stance
    /cast mortal strike

    #showtooltip Slam
    /cast berserker stance
    /cast Slam

    #showtooltip Overpower
    /cast battle stance
    /cast Overpower

    #showtooltip Rend
    /cast battle stance
    /cast Rend

    #showtooltip Thunder Clap
    /cast battle stance
    /cast Thunder Clap

    #showtooltip Bladestorm
    /cast Berserker Stance
    /cast Bladestorm

    on a side note about bladestorm, DO NOT macro Sweeping strikes to it, it is a dps loss by doing so.
    these are the main ones used but you may notice there isnt one for execute and thats because during execute phase you should always be in zerker stance and everything but CS MS and Execute is being used provided you have more than 30 rage which normally isnt a problem for arms.
    Post edited by Leonharrt at 2012-01-08 21:39:25
  • Thanks! This looks great.
  • Ah I was going to ask the n00b question about why stance dance...and then I read the tooltips of the stances, 5% more damage increase for berserker stance explains it. (Just in case anyone else was wondering.)
  • yeah its a flat 5% damage increase if done correctly. but keep in mind if you dont have good latency i would just stay in battle unless executing.

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