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  • Anyone use this site before? (www.noxxic.com)

    I think that it's very well laid out and easy to follow ... seems like it's just an amalgam of all of the info available at EJ and such, but it's very pretty and dumbed down for us incompetents. Based upon my looks at EJ and this site, I think that it's reasonably accurate enough for general use.
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  • interesting, a lot of people have been using askmrrobot.com lately for easy access to stat weights and upgrade/BIS lists. i haven't seen this one before.
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  • It's a little wonky on some things in the arcane mage section based on what EJ says, but mostly accurate.

    The fury warrior section seems accurate.

    It is probably better than just winging it and if EJ is too much to wade through not too bad of a backup site for information.
  • I thought that the arcane mage section mirrored what people were talking about on the forums here. I think it was Sofi that had asked about them and he received a couple of good responses that I'm going to implement on Celaeno when I level her starting tomorrow or the next day.

    I just like how easily laid out the information is. At least for beginners like me :)
  • It is close to what people said. The use of molten armor makes no sense (IMHO) though since mastery is based on mana - which means you want mage armor.

    On the burn phase I almost always see people recommend using the mana gem early in the burn cycle (~3 ab after popping cooldowns) - to give you more mastery bonus during your buffed phase.

    Also I found "This phase is all about maintaining safe levels of mana, being conservative." during the "safe phase" to be unclear. The "safe level" is actually tied to your mastery. More mana = more bonus damage. Also if you are using molten armor you aren't going to regen much mana so this would be more of a "try not to use up all your mana" phase rather than a conserve phase.

    I haven't heard the "break the debuff before it gets to 4" as advice. The number of AB is really dependent on your mana pool and usage and being too conservative in the conserve phase will potentially waste mana (assuming you are using Mage armor) and will hurt your DPS. You want to keep your mana ~90% so your mage armor ticks don't take you over full, but not much lower so that you don't lose too much of your mastery bonus.

    I could put some advice on flame orb here, but that would add complexity and for the basics the above corrections and bit of detail should fix the Noxxic advice.

    And while I'm going on about maging, Mage mana bar is a nice addon that will help out with tracking mana, including when evoke will take you back to 100%, when your burn phase is ready, and when to use your gem so you don't over-fill your mana pool. (Mana=DPS, gaining more Mana than your Mana pool = wasted Mana = wasted DPS)
    (And Mage Nuggets is also great but was mentioned I think in the Mage thread. As I've learned more about maging I've found more things to like about Mage Nuggets.)
  • Found multiple errors/omissions in the frost DK section, a couple things that were a little unclear (wording-wise) in the fury warrior section, but overall, it was pretty solid. I would absolutely recommend people

    1. use EJ over this site, and
    2. check a variety of resources, compare information, and test for themselves.

    However, if someone wanted quick and dirty info that would get them to competent, I think this is a very nice resource. The layout IMO is just great, very attractive and very intuitive, and I love the one-stop-shop mentality of it all. For someone like me who has alts with whom he has varing degrees of proficiency, such a site is a nice quick reference.

    yroa said:

    ....it's reasonably accurate enough for general use.

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  • I also noticed the mana gem thing, @Zurena, but forgot to point it out on my previous post - good catch. I thought that this particular nugget from @Allynn was really useful on the post that @Sofina started. Nice little write-up on mage-ing you made there, bee tee dub! Talking about the arcane mage got me excited to play her a bit, so I did get half-way to 81 yesterday just goofing around.

    For the Mage Armor vs. Molten Armor thing, I hadn't thoroughly read through the FAQ section yet. I saw that they glyph for Mage Armor so that's what I was using ... I asked @Boylane what he used on his mage, too, and he said Mage Armor. Curious. When I played the fire mage I seem to recall always using Molten Armor for +crit or something?

    For the "break the AB debuffs at 4", I think I saw that on EJ as well. There was something about ABx4 and if you don't get an AM proc, then barrage to get rid of the stacks. I didn't understand the arcane mage thread at all on EJ, what with their ABxxAMyy++0wtf? notation going on in the thread, lol. I know that it's on me to get educated, but that just looks weird compared to "hit Arcane Blast like you're mad at it!".

    I guess the one thing that I need to keep in mind is that some of us may be looking at it from a "how do I make big booms in my raid" perspective, which is really important, but some of us, including me, are simply looking at it in terms of "I haven't played my toon in a year, lots of things have changed since then, how do I level efficiently" perspective :)

    To @Hoff's points, I do agree that EJ is still the defacto standard and I tend to use that first and foremost. My only problem is that sometimes EJ is awkward and unwieldy (see above), so I need something written in crayon with big lettering and pictures in order to wrap my head around it, lol!

    For the DK, I haven't looked at the frost information at EJ or at this particular site at all yet. I'm leveling Lycos, my DK, next but I'm going to be unholy and blood, I think. I have at least played those a wee bit in getting up to 80, while I've never touched frost. I don't know what it is, but I'm super excited about leveling alts right now ... maybe it's the extra extra extra 10% buff for Halloween?

    [edit] Not enough L's in Allynn :P
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  • Another thing that @Zurena reminded me of is Mastery! I've still not wrapped my head around it and what it's good for and which class+spec combinations I want to pay attention to it for. At the moment I've really been picking gear for my army of n00bs based upon haste/hit/crit only ... kind of skipping anything with Mastery because I feel as though they've misspelled Mystery :P
  • Arcane mage uses mage armor always! Fire mage uses molten armor always! :)

    >What Armor do I use – Molten armor or Mage Armor? Molten Armor should always be used as it results in higher DPS. Mage Armor is an alternative option when you desperately need to conserve and replenish your mana.

    Pretty sure that is a typo that was (or should) only be under the fire spec.

    During "conserve" phase, you stack AB to 4 and then break it with Missles or barrage if missles is not proced. Burn phase you just press 2 over and over. :) (not including trinkets and CD's) State weights of mastery, crit, haste change according to your current gearset.

    >When you're about to run out of mana, use a Mana Gem and continue

    It's is better to pop mana gem when you go just below the point in which popping a gem will bring you to full mana. You don't want to be popping a gem and going over mana cause that is a waste. Using mana gem earlier, you get more DPS because of mastery bonus.

    One of my little secrets to get a little more dps is to pop Mage Ward and then run into the fire! Shhh, don't tell the healers. ;-) Of course, many fight you don't need to cause of the AOE going on.
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  • Allynn said:

    One of my little secrets to get a little more dps is to pop Mage Ward and then run into the fire! Shhh, don't tell the healers. ;-)

  • The rogue pvp section doesn't match what most arena rogues use. I noticed top pvp rogues list crit after expertise and haste. This site has crit first.
  • Allynn said:

    One of my little secrets to get a little more dps is to pop Mage Ward and then run into the fire! Shhh, don't tell the healers. ;-)

    that explains so much . . . :) :) :)

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