2013/03/16: We Know Kills Oondasta with Eitrigg!

We Know and Oondasta!

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2013/03/14: We Know in Throne of Thunder




Council of Elders

Jin'Rokh the Breaker

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2013/02/02: We Know Hits Heroic Modes

Heroic Elegon

Heroic Spirit Binder

Heroic Feng

Heroic Stone Guard

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2013/01/12: We Know Invades Terrace of the Endless Springs

Sha of Anger

Lei Shi - if you prefer Lei Shi celebrating with us...

Lei Shi



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2012/11/10: We Know in Heart of Fear

Grand Empress

And some fun with ruthers...



This is the shot right after the kill, notice we are all dead...

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2012/10/18: We Know invades Mogu'shan Vaults!

Will of the Emperor!


So Sandrice and Dardan logged off before photos. But the good news is I used Photoshop to put them in and you can't tell at all!

Spirit Kings


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2012/07/10: We Know Kills Deathwing on Heroic!

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2012/01/01: We Know Star Wars!

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2011/10/27: A moment of silence for Sheleg, You will be greatly missed

You will be missed

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2011/09/22: Team Happy Sunshine Unicorns Kill shots! Rag Dead!


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2011/08/11: Team Happy Sunshine Unicorns Kill shots!

gate bosses

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2011/07/28: Team Happy Sunshine Unicorns Kill shots!

Kill Shots

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2011/06/13: We Know Group Shot


Woot! We Know group shot after our Town Hall. Pic is in the WK flickr group here

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2011/05/12: Al'Akir DEAD!!!!!

Al'Akir DEAD!
WOOT! He is dead! Now we haz purple phoenix =)

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2011/05/07: Cho'gall Down

Cho'gall Down

Al'Akir We are coming for you!!!

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2011/05/07: !!Nefarian Down!!

Nefarian Down!!
Nef down

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2011/04/21: We Know Heroic Lich King

Our Sassy Cats Retro Raid has accomplished our first ever heroic Lich King kill. We are now the Bane of the Fallen King. Let's face it, the picture does look pretty much the same as a regular kill other than our new fancy titles, but I couldn't resist taking a photo of this exciting moment! We also got the guild achievement for Lich King and wrapped up Wrath guild raid achievements, grats all!

Sassy Cats Heroic Lich King Kill

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2011/02/19: Atramedes Kill by Awesometron!

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2011/02/13: Magmaw in Action

Phase 2 Engaged

Suit Up! has started their way through Blackwing Descent taking down Magmaw. Here are a few "action shots" for your enjoyment.

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2011/01/22: We Know kills world boss Garr

We Know kills World Boss Garr"

Last week guildies got together to down world boss Garr and his evil minions.

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2011/01/20: On stage with Colinator and Diegoman at IDEO Future Forward


On stage at IDEO Future Forward with Colinator and Diegoman showing WoW.

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2010/10/23: We Know v3

The new release of WK v3 is packed with many new features. Please read below to get started.

Existing We Know Members
If you were a beta tester for this version of We Know you are all set to login. If this is your first time seeing this website, you will have to register for a new account.

Troubles Logging In?
If you have trouble logging in, please clear your cookies/cache and restart your browser.

Additional Support
Feel free to email kastang[at]weknow[dot]to with any issues preventing you from logging into the new website.

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2010/10/21: Are you ready for the Cataclysm?!


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